Friday, April 13, 2012

6 Years

No great meaningful things to say this year. I just miss her. And I love seeing her in my sister as she follows in my mom's footsteps of beautiful, loving, enthusiastic mothering. 

Her favorite song... made even more meaningful now than before she died. We got to see Garth Brooks live this last September, and no live song has ever touched me more. 


Whitney Hemsath said...

Beautiful Megan. I am sorry for your loss and am sure she is watching the dance of your lives unfold, not missing a thing.

shannon j said...

"beautiful, loving, enthusiastic mothering"

Those are exactly the words I would describe you. I'm sure you possess so many of her qualities as well.

Diane Milne said...

Wow! Awesome pictures. Your Mom was so proud of you girls! She was an inspiring women, an awesome mentor, and a great friend. I miss her too and think fondly of her often.