Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Monday, September 21, 2009


We have a 1st word!! Last night at dinner Malachi said, "Eeeee(aka pleeeease)." And today at lunch he said it again! Granted, he said it after I gave him his food, but he said it!!! That is the one word we've worked on the very most - just because he screams every time he wants something. If I could just get him to say please, my life would be much less LOUD!

We went to the Dr. today for a follow up. She told me to pick a birthday somewhere between August and October, but not as late as November. I'd rather stick to the young side, so we're now deciding on October. Anyone have any special reason for a special day?

It's just so heartbreaking to think that when they thought he was 7 months(see pic below) he was actually closer to 15 or 17 months.

Since he's been home, he's gained 2 pounds, grown an inch, gotten a molar and an I tooth, gotten rid of the giardia(I think), started running and jumping, and is now sleeping in his own room. He's still biting and hitting at least once a day, but he is doing better with other limits like not throwing food, staying out of the kitchen when I'm cooking, and moving away from something when I say, "No." My absolute favorite thing is when he gives kisses. He holds your cheeks, pulls you in close and says, "Mmmmm." And now he's actually keeping his mouth closed for most of his kisses.

We had someone from the Arizona Early Intervention Program come to evaluate Malachi's development - and mainly his speech. She said developmentally he is right on track, but his speech is obviously behind. She is going to have the speech evaluator make an appointment, but she said she is sure he will qualify for therapy.

We also had his hearing checked relative to his ability to hear speech sounds. They were basically making sure he could hear well enough to learn to speak. He passed that, but she did say his right ear was too congested(or something) to hear well. Also, his language comprehension isn't strong enough to really isolate his ears, so they just tested his overall hearing and found that it shouldn't be interfering with his ability to speak.

Today his ped prescribed an antibiotic for many reasons - his ear, his nasty cough, his green snot, and now he has a little stye in his eye.

Other than all of that craziness, I really feel like Malachi is doing well. He's a toddler, so there are trying times because of that, but he is a generally happy kid, he eats and sleeps wonderfully and he loves his momma. That is more than we could have hoped for, so I think I'll be happy with that!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Best. Idea. Ever.

OK so maybe not ever... but definitely the best I've heard all day. There is a family living in Hawaii who is in the process of adopting a little girl from Ethiopia. They have a 13 year old son who would love to travel with his family to pick her up. He is raising money for his plane ticket by "contracting" with Santa. Here's the description:

Austin is my oldest son. He’s 13. And he’s super cool! He plays the guitar and ukelele, he dances hula, he has a big heart, and he desperately wants to go to Ethiopia with me to pick up his baby sister. The problem is the cost. Tickets will be about $2500 each. So, he is planning a few things to raise some of the money so that he can go.

We all know that Santa vacations here in Hawaii. He sits on the beach in his beach chair wearing his bright flowery Hawaiian board shorts sipping a pretty umbrella drink. I’ve seen him. Really.

Well... he’s here right now. I imagine that he’s here trying to relax before getting
into full blown Christmas mode. While he’s here in Hawaii, he picks up postcards and sends them to little girls and boys, reminding them to be nice and that soon he will be checking his list again. He also has some really cool stories to tell about Hawaii - the beaches, sea turtles, humpback whales, surfing. I bet he’ll include at least one little bit on each postcard, too.

Be sure to let us know the child(ren)’s name(s) and address(es). In a few short days your child will receive a personal note on a Hawaiian postcard... postmarked from Hawaii, too.

In addition, you get to feel good about your purchase, because it’s helping a 13 year old be creative and work his way to get something he really wants... a trip with his Mom to pick up his new baby sister from Ethiopia.

SO cool, huh? Here's the link to the Etsy store: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=30036303

My kids will be so stoked! Go check it out!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

We Speaking Fanish

Ice cream and the Trampoline

First time eating ice cream...and possibly the last for a while.

The trampoline is definitely the most used toy in our house. Santa made a good choice. I've had quite a few people ask me where to get this. I'm pretty sure Santa found it at Toys R Us, but I looked and it wasn't there. It is at Amazon for a bit more than Santa paid at Toys R Us, but temporarily out of stock. If they restock it I think it is SO worth it - as long as you can handle the music. It does have two different volume levels. :)

Anyway, here's Malachi's new thing. The best part is the lack of expression on his face while he is jumping. He did this the other morning and we could NOT stop laughing.

*edit - I don't know why the videos are so dark. When I play them through my files, they're fine. But in blogger they're all dark. Sorry!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Let's Roll

Today at the girls' school they had a special flag ceremony for Patriot Day. I was especially touched when their principal talked about the passengers of United Airlines flight 93, who took the plane down themselves before it crashed at the White House. He said they probably saved a lot of polititians. Initially I thought that was kind of funny - that the hijackers failed at something that many people in the U.S. would have appreciated. But the truth is that those brave men and women sacrificed their lives to save a great symbol of our country. And regardless of who they saved - they gave their lives to save others.

So today I am remembering those brave men and women, as well as all of the others who have served or are currently serving our country. I hope I never forget.

Conversations with a Kindergardner

Me: Mckenna, who goes to school with you?
Mckenna: Riley, Brigham, Jacob, Guard(who sounds like God when she says it), Mac, Cole, Colton...
Me: Are there any girls in your class?
Ken: Yeah
Me: What are their names?
Ken: Uh...... (silent thinking for 10 seconds)... I don't know.

We may be in trouble.