Friday, February 29, 2008

Weaning David

One word: OW

Friday Favorites

OK This weeks favorite list is:

Favorite Pet Peeves

Line cutters - whether driving in a car or waiting in a line I loathe line cutters. But I'm always too much of a wuss to say anything. Sometimes I'll mutter something to the person I'm with, hoping the cutter will overhear. My mom used to embarrass me by calling them out on it. Usually all I do is shoot dirty mean looks their no avail.

Under trained employees - especially airline employees. If a person doesn't know how to work the computer don't send them out by themselves!!! I'm all for the training. I don't mind if it takes a while to ring up my groceries because an employee is being trained on the registers, as long as there is someone next to them to guide them along. But when a person can't get you on your flight in time...they shouldn't be on the floor by themselves. I'll save you from my whiny stories.

Young Smokers - I understand that smoking is hard to quit. I understand that people used to think smoking wasn't bad for your health. I also understand that people can be stupid. But taking up smoking in today's age - when we know all we do about it - is just beyond stupid. And no I will not apologize for that statement. It's pure idiocy.

What are your pet peeves?


Favorite moment from Wednesday night: None.

I didn't take the time to come on here and post because I didn't really like any of the songs or performances. Carly's was probably the best, but it still didn't blow me away. I honestly had no idea who was going home. I would have guessed Kady Malloy would go and would have wanted Amanda Overmyer to go...but neither did. I understand why Alaina and Alexandrea left, but I still think there were others who should have gone before them. Alaina especially had some mad skills. Oh well, I like the guys better this year. And I was glad Robbie and Jason were voted off. I still love the 3 Davids and Michael Johns. Can't wait for next week!!

By the way - I think I'm going to be having an Idol finale party...anyone want to come??

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Best Idol Moment from last night: Imagine by David Archuleta

This was unarguably the best moment in the season so far. When he finished singing I was sitting on the edge of my seat just hoping the judges felt what I was feeling. Chills and tears and all that fun stuff... Oh my it was beautiful.

Prior to David A.'s performance I was planning on posting David H.'s performance. My favorites are still David A., David H., and Michael Johns. I was pleasantly surprised by Chikezie. I thought he was terrible last week and I wanted him gone ASAP. But he did really well. I still think Luke Menard needs to go(thank you Simon for backing me up on that), but it will probably be Jason Yeager and Robbie Carrico - which will be fine with me.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Raisin in the Sun

Have any of you seen the movie/play "A Raisin in the Sun" or read the book? A new version of the movie was on TV last night. Ian and I watched it and I thought it was surprisingly good. Sean Combs (Puffy) and Phylicia Rashad (Mrs. Huxtable) star in it and both are extremely talented. There were a quite a few profound moments in the movie, but this is the one that stood out to me the most:

Child, when do you think is the time to love somebody the most?
When he's done good and made things easy for everybody?
That ain't the time at all.
It's when he's at his lowest...
...and he can't believe in himself because the world's whipped him so!
When you starts measuring somebody...
...measure him right, child.
Measure him right.
You make sure that you done taken into account...
...the hills and the valleys he's come through... get to wherever he is.

Friday, February 22, 2008

I love Mr. Rogers

My sister showed me this awesome video. Here's the vid's description: In 1969, the US Senate had a hearing on funding the proposed Corporation for Public Broadcasting, but President Nixon wanted it cut in half for the Vietnam War. Sometimes nice guys do win some.


"There's no person in the whole world like you, and I like you just the way you are..."

Friday Favorites

I'm going to start posting 3 of my favorite things in different categories each Friday and I'd love it if you'd all play along and comment with your favorites as well. This week's category isgoing to be a little boring, just a bit of an intro. But don't worry I have more fun ones up my sleeve....

Favorite Movies of All Time

Steel Magnolias - I've never seen a movie that could make me laugh so hard while crying so hard at the same time.

Dirty Dancing - When I was little I used to fast forward to the last dance and watch it over and over and over. When I made wishes on stars I always wished for Baby's dress in that dance. I got a perm in 2nd grade and imagined I looked just like Baby.

Pearl Harbor/Count of Monte Christo (sorry I couldn't decide. Look at me, I'm breaking my own rules already.)

What are your favorites?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Idol Update

Sweet - So I was mainly right - 3 outta 4 ain't bad. But thats really not saying much - some of those singers were so awful that I felt bad for them when Ryan made them sing again.

I was surprised that Colton left. I didn't think he'd win but I thought he had a lot more potential than some others. Oh well, he'll do great on Broadway.

Chikeze or whatever is name is could have gone too. He just seems to old. Well, he doesn't seem old, but his voice does. And his nasty orange suit kind of aged him.

Well I was pleased. I'm excited for next week, hopefully they'll sing some better songs.


Best Moment from Tuesday night: Michael Johns

Best moment from last night: Asia'h Epperson

I realize I totally slacked last week and didn't post any favorites. Lets just say I was sad when Josiah Lemming was sent home. This week was awesome! I'm so glad we finally get to see some awesome singers. There were quite a few disappointments with the guys and a few pleasant surprises as far as the girls are concerned. So my choices for who to send home tonight are: Garrett Haley, Luke Menard, Amy Davis(SO bad), and Joanne Borgella. I had a lot of favorites but top two guys are Michael Johns and David Archuleta(with David Hernandez in a close second), and the top two girls are Asia'h Epperson and Alaina Whitaker(also like Brooke White). I loved Calry Smithson in the auditions, but didn't like her song choice last night.

Also, again, Simon's opinions and my opinions seem to match. Sometimes Randy and Paula will say something and I'll think, "Are you kidding me?!" And then Simon will come on and say exactly what I'm thinking(although he says it in much more colroful words).

Can't wait to see who goes home tonight!!

P.S. I've decided I'm not a fan of 60's music....

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Almost 1!!

I can't believe my sweet baby boy is almost one. I heard a quote the other day that said something about the days being long and the years being short. That's how I feel about this past year. When I think of all of the many things that have passed in the past 12 months I feel like my year was so full, I have so many fun memories of my family. But to think that 12 months ago I was so absolutely miserably pregnant is crazy! I remember it so vividly that it feels like only a few months ago. And what a sweet tiny little boy he was. He has grown and changed so much. He's become such a part of our family and fit so well that I can't believe we lived so long without his piece of our family puzzle. Anyway... I took this video a couple weeks ago. It's all of his new tricks:

And here are just more videos for your enjoyment, no introduction necessary.


The other day Emma had been putting the names of all of her friends on their valenines and signing her name. By the time she was done, her hands were all stiff and and she decided she wanted to get her wiggles out. So she turned the CD player on with some kid songs and just started wigglin'.

Home Reserve

When I finally gave up on my quest for a really cool looking chair and settled on really cool curtains and accent pillows, I started a new quest for a really boring looking chair for really cheap. I came across the Home Reserve website. It's similar to Ikea in that they save money by having the customer do the assembly. But they also save money by creating furniture that can be shipped in pieces through UPS, cutting bulk freight shipping charges. I was really hesitant to purchase but with over 600 positive customer comments on their site, I figured I could give them a shot. I ordered a very boring tan color microfiber(they have 93 fabrics which you can change whenever you want). It arrived in this box: Here are the contents of the box - 15 pieces of wood, some cushions, the covers, a pair of gloves to protect your hands from the wood, some plasic thingies(technical verbage here), sandpaper(optional use - I didn't use it), and some screws:

Here is the frame assembled:
Annnnnnd...ta da!!
My biggest fear was that the chair would be really small. It is a bit smaller in height than my sectional in the same room, but it doesn't look out of place. It is by no means a really nice chair, but for the price, durability(this thing's solid), the ease in assembly(I put it together during one American Idol), and the versatility(I still have 92 other covers I can choose to change to) I think it was a pretty cool thing!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Bedbugs and Bad Dreams

I realize this isn't going to be nearly as entertaining to you as you read this, as it was to me last night while I experienced it. That aside, it's still a pretty good story.

In the middle of the night I woke to the sound of Mckenna(my 3 year old) screaming "NO!!!" and "MOM!!!" over and over. Once I was concious enough to figure out what she was saying I sprinted to her bedroom, expecting the absolute worst possible(you don't want to know). I opened her door and although I could hear her loud and clear, I couldn't see her. She wasn't in her bed and I didn't see her anywhere in the room. I could still hear her so I was really confused(the fact that it was the middle of the night probably added to the confusion). Finally I realized she was standing in the corner behind the door, hands clenched in fists brought up to her chin. Here's the dialogue that followed:

Me: What's the matter?!

Ken: Don't let it get me!!!

Me: What??

Ken: The big beetle! It's scaring me and I don't like beetles.

Me: Where?

Ken: In my bed!!

I picked her up and carried her out of her room. Funny thing is - she wasn't crying or anything, just totally and completely freaked out.

Me: OK I'll go find it.

Ken: (running over by David's door) I'm gonna go over here so it doesn't get me.

So I went in her room, turned the light on and proceeded to pull her covers down, looking for this big scary beetle.

Ken: Dad told me it was a beetle.

I stopped. Dad's not here. Dad's at a hotel in Phoenix for a work conference. There's no way Dad told her there was a beetle in her room.

Me: Dad did?

Ken: Yeah. He said it was on the window and then it came in my bed. Dad said.

So I abandoned my search for the big scary beetle, picked Kenna up(after she made sure I closed the door so the beetle didn't come back out) and took her to my bed. As I was pulling up the covers she realized that the bed was empty.

Ken: Where's dad?

Me: Dad's at work.

Ken: Oh. (laughs a little) He came home and then went back to work.

Me: No, Ken. He's been at work for 2 days. You had a bad dream about the beetle. There really was no beetle, it was just a dream.

Ken: Oh yeah. When I have dreams I'm supposed to sing a song and say a prayer.

Me: Should we say a prayer?

So after our prayer we both had to pee. After Kenna finished, she said, "Make sure you flush it so the beetle doesn't come back." I hadn't said anything about the beetle.

We went back to bed, woke up a bit later to a train whistle("Mom what's that?") and maybe got another hour of sleep before it was time to get Emma ready for school. When Mckenna got out of bed she was pretty warm, but I couldn't find the thermometer. I think she had a fever, which would explain the bad dream. Once she got a drink and some breakfast she went back to normal.

Ian will be home tonight, so hopefully no more bad dreams. And if there are...he can deal with it. It's his fault for bringing big scary beetles into her dreams anyway.

Apocalypse and Worries

I appologize for the somewhat morbid post. After writing it I realize how depressing it is. Sorry, you don't have to continue.

Don't open the news this morning, all of the headlines are ridiculously depressing:

Woman shoots 2 students, self in classroom
Gunman kills 6 at City Council meeting
6 missing in Ga. explosion
Cher Agrees to 3-Year Deal in Vegas
For storm victims, a lost sense of home
Man planned Super Bowl gunfire, feds say
Funeral horses overturn hearse
Real estate shock: Owner hanged in closet
Teacher shot by husband at school

I think sometimes I am blissfully unaware of all the evil in this world. When I think about my 5 year old away from me at school all day it makes my chest hurt. Just thinking about all of the possible awful things that could happen...ugh.

I think I worry more than most. I used to LOVE airplane rides. I never understood how they could scare someone. I mean you have less chance of dieing in a plane crash than you do in a car crash. But now that I have children, the first few minutes of takeoff and the last few minutes of landing always make my adrenaline pump.

And when we went on our cruise 4 years ago, I kept picturing Emma falling over the edge. I do the same whenever we go to WA on the ferry boats. And when Ian goes on business trips I lie awake in bed trying to suppress the imaginations of scary men crawling through windows.

But even though I have all of these lame and unfounded worries, chances are that none of these things will ever happen. The really bad things that really could happen never enter my wild imagination. I suppose that's for the best.

When I open the MSN news I am reminded of all of the real evil and real ugliness that plagues the world today. And I think of all of the broken hearts from all of the major tradjedies each day. I am so blessed. Every night when I go to check on my sleeping children my heart reminds me of the Grinch's. I feel like it's too big to fit in my chest. My children are my life. Literally.

Last night I watched something about a sweet little 3 year old killed by child abuse and was once again reminded of my gratitude for such an amazing father for my children. He is such an actively involved dad. He loves his children and better than that, enjoys his children.

Sorry for my depressing ramblings. I think my point was just to remind myself how lucky I am for such an uneventful and joyous life. And to think about all of the people in the world who are hurting and need a prayer. Oh yeah and to tell you all not to open the news. :)

Edit: Just stumbled upon this quote at the end of my scripture reading:

"Even though the tasks of life become heavy, and although sorrow thrusts a drooping burden upon us, the light that emanates from our Savior beckons us on, undismayed." --Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin; Ensign, November 1994, Page 77

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Best moment from last night:

Dollywood - It's actually the end of the video that was the best. When she came back and could totally sing, Simon admitting he was wrong, and the cheesy music they played while all of the judges were laughing and getting along(you can't hear it as well on the clip, but it was cheesy nonetheless).

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Best moment from last night:

Sunday, February 3, 2008

I love Sundays

Superbowl Sunday's got nothing on Somes' Sundays. Here are some pieces of our day:

I'd been wanting brownies for a while so Ian and the girls made some delicious brownies(and got to lick the spoon).
We played Jenga:
Mckenna rode on an airplane(she was terrified to hold her arms out like that):
Here are the previously mentioned from-scratch brownies with homemade ice cream:
David and I played. I love the time right after the girls go to bed and right before David goes to bed. It's so nice to focus on just him. The girls are so demanding of our attention and David is so calm all of the time that I feel like sometimes he gets overlooked. I love playing with him. He's so fun, sweet, and easy to entertain. He and I played with the camera for a while: I love Sundays!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Top Ten

My friend, Rebekah listed her top 10 favorite things and I thought it was a cute idea, so here are mine!!

These are just my top ten for right now - subject to change at any time, and in no particular order.
Being crafty. I am a jack of all trades, master of none - but I do love attempting to try new crafts and new ideas. I have plenty of crafts that I've started that are all about halfway done, some only barely begun.
Baking. I think the one reason I love baking so much is because I love eating baked goods. Either way I enjoy it!
Blogging. It has been so fun to keep in touch with friends and family through blogging. I think sometimes I get a bit addicted and check everyone's blogs too often. I just love seeing pictures and hearing everyone's thoughts.

A clean house. I thought the above picture was hilarious, but in all actuality I love having a clean house. When I was a kid my room was always the messiest place in the house. One time my mom took all of my toys and put them in the trash can for like a month. However, since having kids I've realized how much better I function in a clean house. And since being in this big, beautiful house, I've realized how rewarding it feels to keep it clean. I remember my mom always saying(after I'd finally clean my room), "Doesn't it just feel good when everything is put away?" So, yes Mommy, it feels good.

Smells. I love good smells. I have so many air fresheners in my car and plenty of smelly things in my house. I have 3 plug in things and candles all over. Oddly enough - I'm allergic to many fragrances, so all of my soaps and laundry detergents are fragrance free. Some are my favorite smells are: warm spicy smells, tropical smells, and the laundry aisle at the grocery store.
Spring!! I just love all of the colors, smells, and warmth that spring brings.
Shopping. What a cliche thing for a girl to love. I never used to love shopping, and I loathed window shopping. But lately I love it. I could walk for hours(or shop online for hours), never buy anything, and still have a great time. Of course it's much better when I do buy things, but it's not a total loss if I don't.

Best friends. I have been so blessed to have amazing friends. Especially those who we've moved far from, yet still have contact.

Good books. I love reading! Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm has been my favorite book since I was little. I've been trying to expand my library lately and right now I'm attempting all of the Jane Austen books...wish me luck!
My cute ipod. I thought they were kind of silly...until I got one. I listen to music as often as I can and having my ipod has been wonderful. I can take it in the car, plug it into the computer, or into a set of speakers that we keep in our kitchen so I can listen to anything, anytime.
So that's it! My top ten. Of course no list of favorites would be complete with out my family - my favorite thing in the whole world. If I were to list the reasons they are my favorite I would be here all day. I'll just summarize by saying they are the reason I get out of bed each day and the last thought I have before falling asleep each night. I love my husband and kids.