Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Favorites

OK This weeks favorite list is:

Favorite Pet Peeves

Line cutters - whether driving in a car or waiting in a line I loathe line cutters. But I'm always too much of a wuss to say anything. Sometimes I'll mutter something to the person I'm with, hoping the cutter will overhear. My mom used to embarrass me by calling them out on it. Usually all I do is shoot dirty mean looks their no avail.

Under trained employees - especially airline employees. If a person doesn't know how to work the computer don't send them out by themselves!!! I'm all for the training. I don't mind if it takes a while to ring up my groceries because an employee is being trained on the registers, as long as there is someone next to them to guide them along. But when a person can't get you on your flight in time...they shouldn't be on the floor by themselves. I'll save you from my whiny stories.

Young Smokers - I understand that smoking is hard to quit. I understand that people used to think smoking wasn't bad for your health. I also understand that people can be stupid. But taking up smoking in today's age - when we know all we do about it - is just beyond stupid. And no I will not apologize for that statement. It's pure idiocy.

What are your pet peeves?


Megan said...

1 - Waiting in lines. I can't stand it. Especially with kids, but even without. The post office, the grocery store, etc. It's like people are oblivious that a - there is someone behind them or b - the cashier has no idea that there's even a line or that anyone else has anywhere else to be! The time I passed out when I was pregnant, I was in a line!

2 - Foul/Crude Language. I see no need for it and find it offensive. Again, especially around my kids, but it's totally offensive to me too.

3 - People who complain about something all the time but do nothing about it. Enough said! :)

Shannon J said...

Favorite pet peeves? That's kind of an oxymoron don't you think?

1. People that complain about how their family lives SO far way, when their family only lives like three hours away. (Give me a break people!!)
2. When I'm running to the bus and the driver drives away. I've already embarrassed myself by running like a maniac to the least let me on!
3. Teachers that go over class time. On Thursday my teacher almost when 10 minutes over! Grrr...

Unguren said...

I also hate when people swear around me and my kids. I don't want them to hear that.

People that don't take care of their kids. There kids hit or yell or run away and they just smile and look the other way. Or their kids do something wrong and then they make excuses for their kids. Makes you understand why the world is going down hill.

Chewing with your mouth open. I don't want to see your food.

Carrie said...

Where do I start?? And you picked some good ones. Just the other day I was picking up our pizza order and a lady ALMOST cut in front of me, but I totally stepped right in front of her... hate line cutters! Okay, so some of my pet peeves:

1. When girls aren't nice to each other, especially adults! I work with the young women, and we've been having a bit of an issue, but recently went out with some friends and they were so mean to one of the girls... ugh. Haven't we grown up yet?

2. Whining. But I totally do it. Lately, my blog is one big whinefest. So whatever. Lainey's whining is going to drive me crazy soon!

3. Lots of noise. I can't handle it. Gotta have quiet!

4. Biggest pet peeve of the moment (I'm going to whine...)- husband with 2 broken feet!!!!

Shannon B said...

1. Windshield wipers scraping on the car window because it is not raining anymore.....TURN IT OFF PEOPLE!

2. When people talk about themselves or their kids at ALL times and are oblivious or "act" like they could care less over everyone else in the room.

3. This is a big one lately...when people think their kids are perfect and blame other kids (like mine) when I BLATENTLY see the OTHER kids do something first or worse etc. (OKAY, my kids are FAR from perfect but I have been seeing A LOT of blaming lately!)

4. Having headaches or migraines accompanied by blurry vision (seems to be very prevalent with this pregnancy).

Kerstin said...

1. Commercials. I will do anything to not have to watch, see or listen to a commercial.

2. Being late. Enough said.

3. Profanity. Especially in movies that would have otherwise been great! How can you recommend a movie when there is foul language!?

Heidi said...

1.) SMOKERS!!! I don't understand why people smoke and I never will. It's horrible and nasty... and it's polluting my air that I breathe!

2.) Way LOUD t.v. or music! It's such a distraction when I am working in the house. I have very sensitive ears. I like it on but not too loud...especially when I'm making dinner.

3.) Rude neighbors or kids. I hate bullies and I will tell them to stop. I've done it before. I just can't stand buy and watch it and do nothing. I did it the other day at the grocery store. I saw two employees in the parking lot fighting and going at it (a boy & girl) I ran in the store and told the manager that it was getting crazy and she came out and pulled them in- it was scary. We also have called the police on our neighbors a few times for fighting in the street... stupid kids with nothing to do!

I sound mean but I really am a nice person! Right, Megan? hee hee...