Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Best Idol Moment from last night: Imagine by David Archuleta

This was unarguably the best moment in the season so far. When he finished singing I was sitting on the edge of my seat just hoping the judges felt what I was feeling. Chills and tears and all that fun stuff... Oh my it was beautiful.

Prior to David A.'s performance I was planning on posting David H.'s performance. My favorites are still David A., David H., and Michael Johns. I was pleasantly surprised by Chikezie. I thought he was terrible last week and I wanted him gone ASAP. But he did really well. I still think Luke Menard needs to go(thank you Simon for backing me up on that), but it will probably be Jason Yeager and Robbie Carrico - which will be fine with me.


Unguren said...

I did like that song last night. I thought it was funny that Paula said she wanted to squeeze off his head and hang it from her rear view mirror.

Just a little info: I don't know what his name is but the guy with the long hair that thinks he is a rocker...well word on the street is that his long hair is a wig. Funny huh?!

Heidi said...

Oh!!!! All I can say is CHILLS, CHILLS, CHILLS!!!!!!! David and that song Imagine were awesome together!

I agree with everything else you said too.... I still really like Michael!

Shannon J said...

WOW! That was so amazing. Not many could pull off singing a song like that, and he nailed it.

Shannon B said...

That was cool!! I didn't get to see the girls OR the boys perform...wahhhh (I have been trying to keep really busy since I don't have a hubby right now). I am glad you post so I can see what I missed!!!! LOVE IT!

Russ and Britt said...

I love your Idol posts. This is the first year I've gotten into it and I have really enjoyed reading what you have to say about it... So keep 'em comin!

Kerstin said...

I think they should just skip to the finals with David and Brooke. David's performance was moving.