Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Favorites

I'm going to start posting 3 of my favorite things in different categories each Friday and I'd love it if you'd all play along and comment with your favorites as well. This week's category isgoing to be a little boring, just a bit of an intro. But don't worry I have more fun ones up my sleeve....

Favorite Movies of All Time

Steel Magnolias - I've never seen a movie that could make me laugh so hard while crying so hard at the same time.

Dirty Dancing - When I was little I used to fast forward to the last dance and watch it over and over and over. When I made wishes on stars I always wished for Baby's dress in that dance. I got a perm in 2nd grade and imagined I looked just like Baby.

Pearl Harbor/Count of Monte Christo (sorry I couldn't decide. Look at me, I'm breaking my own rules already.)

What are your favorites?


Megan said...

I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't have favorite all time movies! I like movies, but I don't watch them over and over again, and I never have any that stick out in my mind. One movie I will NEVER watch again is Charlie. I've never cried so hard. It was so depressing. Horrible. Don't watch it. Fun idea though! Hopefully I can contribute next week! ;)

Carrie said...

MEGAN!!!! I'll never watch Charlie again either! My Mia Maids wanted to watch her for a class party and I said no way, they argued with me and I said they don't get it because they aren't married and don't have children... it makes it much worse!

Okay, other Megan, fav movies of all time: I love all the Pirates movies, I love Pride and Prejudice A&E version, those are the ones I watch the most.

Shannon J said...

Love those movies too! My three favorite have to be: Ever After, Return to Me, and My Fair Lady.

Yea Megan B.- Charlie was really sad. PS I Love You was a lot like that. I have never cried, laughed, cried, laughed and cried again in a movie. It made me depressed for a week because I kept thinking what would happen if I lost my husband...sad, I know!

Kerstin said...

Return to Me, Ever After (Shannon J and I are twins!) and anything Audrey Hepburn!

Shannon B said...

Singing in the Rain is totally a classic that I know every word to. LOVE IT!! My kids even like it. Wes REALLY likes to sing "Good Mornin...Good Mornin...." I also really like:
Pirates (the 1st one)
The Family Man
Legally Blonde (GIRL POWER!)
Pride and Prejudice (both versions)
Miss Congeniality
You've Got Mail
I know, it shows how shallow I am by the movies I love...I just like really lighthearted movies.

Jeff and Sheila Capell said...

Ooooh, Pearl Harbor is a good one for sure...and Dirty Dancing...those would be on my top 5 list, but here's my top three:

1. Pretty Woman (edited off TV of course)

2. Legally Blonde-- I swear, I can't watch this movie too much, I always love it! Silly, I know.

3. Can't Buy Me Love--it's on the same VHS recorded tape as Dirty Dancing and I usually wind up watching both, but I just love it!

Pride and Prejudice is on right now in the background (A&E version) and it is climbing my charts. The more I watch it, the better I like it. Weird.