Friday, February 8, 2008

Bedbugs and Bad Dreams

I realize this isn't going to be nearly as entertaining to you as you read this, as it was to me last night while I experienced it. That aside, it's still a pretty good story.

In the middle of the night I woke to the sound of Mckenna(my 3 year old) screaming "NO!!!" and "MOM!!!" over and over. Once I was concious enough to figure out what she was saying I sprinted to her bedroom, expecting the absolute worst possible(you don't want to know). I opened her door and although I could hear her loud and clear, I couldn't see her. She wasn't in her bed and I didn't see her anywhere in the room. I could still hear her so I was really confused(the fact that it was the middle of the night probably added to the confusion). Finally I realized she was standing in the corner behind the door, hands clenched in fists brought up to her chin. Here's the dialogue that followed:

Me: What's the matter?!

Ken: Don't let it get me!!!

Me: What??

Ken: The big beetle! It's scaring me and I don't like beetles.

Me: Where?

Ken: In my bed!!

I picked her up and carried her out of her room. Funny thing is - she wasn't crying or anything, just totally and completely freaked out.

Me: OK I'll go find it.

Ken: (running over by David's door) I'm gonna go over here so it doesn't get me.

So I went in her room, turned the light on and proceeded to pull her covers down, looking for this big scary beetle.

Ken: Dad told me it was a beetle.

I stopped. Dad's not here. Dad's at a hotel in Phoenix for a work conference. There's no way Dad told her there was a beetle in her room.

Me: Dad did?

Ken: Yeah. He said it was on the window and then it came in my bed. Dad said.

So I abandoned my search for the big scary beetle, picked Kenna up(after she made sure I closed the door so the beetle didn't come back out) and took her to my bed. As I was pulling up the covers she realized that the bed was empty.

Ken: Where's dad?

Me: Dad's at work.

Ken: Oh. (laughs a little) He came home and then went back to work.

Me: No, Ken. He's been at work for 2 days. You had a bad dream about the beetle. There really was no beetle, it was just a dream.

Ken: Oh yeah. When I have dreams I'm supposed to sing a song and say a prayer.

Me: Should we say a prayer?

So after our prayer we both had to pee. After Kenna finished, she said, "Make sure you flush it so the beetle doesn't come back." I hadn't said anything about the beetle.

We went back to bed, woke up a bit later to a train whistle("Mom what's that?") and maybe got another hour of sleep before it was time to get Emma ready for school. When Mckenna got out of bed she was pretty warm, but I couldn't find the thermometer. I think she had a fever, which would explain the bad dream. Once she got a drink and some breakfast she went back to normal.

Ian will be home tonight, so hopefully no more bad dreams. And if there are...he can deal with it. It's his fault for bringing big scary beetles into her dreams anyway.


Megan said...

Sounds like our night 2 nights ago - except it was James up with Porter. Last night he was crying in the middle of the hallway and I got up. He was afraid to use the toilet in his bathroom b/c he didn't like "the noise". We have a little water drip that needs to be fixed and I guess in the middle of the night even Porter could hear it!

Unguren said...

Gavin has nightmares a lot. About once a week. My neighbor told me that when her kids have nightmares she gives them Motrin. I have tried it with Gavin, seems to help.

Jessica said...

I love the things that McKenna comes up with. She seems like such a fun little girl. I am sorry she is having nightmares though. Jenna has been saying there are gorillas on the floor before she goes to bed and will occasionally call out for me at night. Their little imaginations are cute but I hate for them to be scared of anything.

Rebekah said...

Sorry about the nightmares, though on some level it's kind of funny. When Lauren has bad dreams she either cries out for me or comes into my room. I've awakened more than once with her nose two inches from mine in the pitch dark. It's freaky feeling someone's breath on your face before you are aware who is there.

Shannon J said...

That's pretty cute! Poor Ken she must have been so scared! I used to crawl in my parents bed a lot when I had scary dreams. My favorite part is when she says that Ian came home to tell her it was a beatle and then went back to work.

Jeff and Sheila Capell said...

This is a cute story. Justin had his first nightmare last week, only a beetle is much scarier than his "scary kitty cat" that was apparently very frightening! Kids are so funny.

Olsen Family said...

OK YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. Thanks a million for letting Cambria play. I love that your my neighbor and can't wait to have a girls day.

Nate and Amy said...

I have actually done that myself, only it is always a massively huge spider. Nate always tells me it was a dream, but he turns the lights on and makes sure it isn't lurking in the covers or anywhere else so I can go back to sleep. He is such a sweetheart!