Friday, May 23, 2008


Winner:David Cook

Here was my favorite moment:

I was surprised with the outcome, but not majorly. I am happy Cook won, however I would have been happy either way. I really liked them both. I'm super excited to see what they produce. I think I'll probably buy both of their CDs...along with Michael Johns whenever he makes one. He's still my favorite and I'm still bitter he left so early. But I LOVED the song he and Carly sang together:

My AI party was so fun!! Not a ton of girls came but I decided I'm glad because it was so fun with the smaller group. Thanks so much girls!! (I'm still trying not to dive into all of the leftovers!) Oh and remember when my DVR cut out? Don't worry...we didn't miss much:


Heidi said...

Every single arm hair is sticking straight up MEGAN! LOVED the videos you picked!!! =) I died when Mike sang...ahhhhh!

Tami said...

oh my gosh, we were totally supposed to play yesterday!I was in a coma after our day trip Thursday- we didn't get back until 12am. Anyway, can we try again this next week? what is your schedule like thurs or fri? I'm so sorry, I swear I'm not this big a flake usually! Sounds like your AI party was too fun, sorry I had to work and miss it!

Shannon B said...

Thanks for your opinion, I can sleep now!! :0) I was just really curious on how you felt! I like the results too!

Chelsey Howard said...

It was so fun to go to your house for your little AI party, very fun. I'm so glad I didn't take the cookies home. I have no restraint when I'm left alone with deserts. I hope you have fun in Hawaii, we'll have to play when you get back!