Sunday, May 11, 2008

Just for "kicks"

Yay for new shoes!!! Normally I wouldn't be so excited for a pair of running shoes, but these are no ordinary shoes...

Some of you may remember my post about my Plantar Fasciitis. Since that post I did get some new shoes, which helped. However, it never completely fixed my feet. Now, 8 months later, I have finally gotten a handle on them.

It took not only new shoes but stretches and exercises morning and night(with these and oddly enough - an empty bottle of air freshener), foot splints that I wear every night to bed, this article, and a complete lack of exercise. Ian even stayed home one Thursday and Friday so that I could stay completely off my feet for 3 days. And I am happy to report that they are finally better. I still get some pain in the afternoons and evenings depending on the day's activities, but overall they are so much better. But because I was wearing my shoes almost every day I really wore them out.

So I took a trip to Road Runner Sports in Tempe and was fitted for new shoes. If you've never done this I highly recommend it. My sister told me to do it last year when I bought my last pair, but the closest store was in San Diego and I didn't want to drive that far(it was a little over an hour away). They take a footprint image of your foot as you walk across a mat, they have you run on a treadmill and video tape it to play it in slow-motion, and they talk about your shoe needs. Once they have determined the type of shoe you need, they bring out a few pairs and have you try them on - including walking/running on the treadmill to see how you like them. So...after all that I chose these:

Asics Gel Kayano 14

They're awesome!! After I chose them, the wonderful saleswoman told me about all of the awards Asics' gel shoes have been given, including this particular shoe. Rather impressive. :)
Anyway, I wore them for the first time this afternoon and can't wait to hop on the treadmill tomorrow morning! Wish me luck!!
(P.S....does anyone else want to train for the Breast Cancer 3 day with me?)
(P.P.S...if anyone else has heel pain in the morning when you first get out of bed I have become quite the expert on this topic and would love to offer my experiences and advice because I wish someone had been more blunt and had more advice for me - before I let my feet get as damaged as they got)


Megan said...

Cool....I've been eyeing some Asic Gel shoes at Kohl's. My walking shoes are in desparate need of being replaced. I don't think they are the exact same as yours....but they are the gel ones. Since I'm not a runner, I only wear them for walking - but my ACL knee is definitely affected by what shoes I wear. I'm always sore on Monday if I wear heels on Sunday (like today). I wear the Havaianas flip flops for their comfort and they never bother my knee. I'm glad the Asic gels have such good reviews. That makes me want to go buy them! :)

Amber and Co. said...

What are you doing to train? I'll train with you! :)

I'm glad you got some awesome shoes to wear, you deserve them!

Rebekah said...

Nice shoes. That sounds like quite a process for a pair of shoes, but I bet they fit better than anything. So glad the pain is better!

Shannon J said...

Okay I would totally train with you but we are in separate states. I have been wanting to train for a race but I don't know which one. Some comfortable sandals are Chaco’s. They also make flip flops which I bought a couple months ago and love. Plus they have a lifetime guarantee. Those shoes looks so comfy, I want to get some too!

Lindsey said...

I totally think this is what I have! I had a trainer at the gym show me lots of stretching and told me to freeze two water bottles and rub my feet back and forth on them to both train my arches and ease the inflamation. The brace looks cool too; might have to try that! Thanks for all the details!

Dawn and Jon said...

Megan - you know Jon had the same problem with his feet - he wears Asics too! He loves them.