Thursday, October 30, 2008

I think I'm in love...

Why is it that when I'm not looking for a bedding set, I find the most adorable things...but when I am looking...I can't find anything! Not to mention that when I do find has to be the most expensive on the market. Case in point: Pottery Barn's Cherry Blossom bedding set. Ugh.

Friday, October 17, 2008

2 years

While we were in Cali, David and I visited my dad's memorial bench. (here's last year's post)


She had no idea the camera was going. This is just a small portion of the hilarity that happens when Mckenna is playing. I wish she was doing all of the voices she had been doing before I turned the camera on.


Mckenna was wiping David's hands clean after he ate a cinnamon roll. Here was the conversation that ensued:

Mckenna: Mommy, I think David yooks yike he's fom Etioopia.
Me: How come? (yes, I used one of the weirdest expressions in the English language...)
Ken: Because his skin is tooning bwown.
Me: Is it from the cinnamon?
Ken: Yeah...(a pause of about 15 seconds) I mean no. It's not coming off. I think it's just tooning bwown.

BTW - we just got back from a week in Cali which was AWESOME. I'll post a recap with pictures soon.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Albertsons Deal

Ian went to Albertsons and scored on some yogurt, Pillsbury rolls, and Progresso Soups. I had him type up how he did it, but you only have until tomorrow(Tuesday) night before the deal ends. Here's what he said:

Albertsons has a great deal where you can get $5.00 back after purchasing 10 participating General Mills items. The best is FREE YOPLAIT YOGURT!!!

Buy 10 Yoplait at Albertsons using 1 coupon (10 for $5.00). You’ll then receive a $5.00 coupon for your next shopping trip. Use that coupon for more yogurts. After you buy your first 10, the rest are free because you’ll get a $5.00 coupon every time.

You can also combine this with some other products by printing coupons from the following sites:,,
You should find some of the following:
“Save $0.50 on 6 Yoplait” or “Save $1.00 on 8 Yoplait”
“Save $1.00 on 3 Progresso soups”
“Save “$0.55 on 2 Pillsbury Grands Biscuits”
“Save “$0.35 on 1 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls”

Albertsons doesn’t double coupons, but on the products listed above, they’ll end up costing less than $0.50 if you use the coupons right with the $5.00 back deal. For $3.05, I got the following:
32 Yoplait Yogurt
4 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
4 Pillsbury Grands Biscuits
10 Progresso Soups
2 cans Progresso Bread Crumbs

You just have to make sure the items you buy are on the participating list. Happy Saving!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

(Almost) Sunday Ramblings

Before I do anything else I need to shamelessly brag about my awesome he completed the St. George Marathon!!! I'm still in shock that he did the whole thing and still survived! He's been sick this past month and when you add in his busy schedule - he didn't have much time to continue his training. We were worried about how that would affect his ability to do well. But he did it and he did awesome. Good job babe!

On with the ramblings! I went to take all of the pictures off our camera's memory card and was surprised to find that most of the pictures were of food! Look out recipe blog readers... lots of yummy food should be up by sometime tomorrow! The rest were pictures of David - which is surprising since he's either been super sick or super tantrum-y the past two weeks. I'm amazed he's happy in the pics.

The good news is that I've finally found 2 foods David will eat just about any time(he is not a fan of food...): cupcakes and popcorn! The only problem with cupcakes is that apparently they're too messy for him so I have to cut them and give him a fork. Otherwise I end up with this: Do you see the way he's eyeing that frosting covered hand? Like it just walked out of a flying saucer?

Another silly eating habit he's developed is that when he decides he's done eating, I get him all cleaned up and take him out of his high-chair, just for him to climb up on my lap or Ian's lap and munch on our scraps. As long as he's eating, I don't care whose food it is!

Mckenna has been loving her preschool, and David and Christian have finally found friendship! For a little while they either ignored each other or fought over the pretend vacuum cleaner. Lately, though, they've been interacting a little more and actually sharing! They're so stinkin' cute! Right now David is pointing at the picture of them and saying, "Kwinin! Deedee!" (Christian! David!)
As cute as he is in all of these pictures, don't let it fool you. He is no longer my perfectly well behaved, calm, happy child. Just as Emma's leaving her tantrum years, David has decided to enter them. And when I say "enter them," I mean: Somebody help me! He's learned the art of the full fledged - on the floor - kicking and yelling tantrum. Oh yeah...and somewhere along the way he picked up Mckenna's(read: my) stubbornness. Oh it's bad. Good thing he's so cute. The other day he took the stool out of the bathroom. When I told him to put it back he put it over his face and didn't move a muscle. "If Mom can't see me, she won't know I'm here...and I won't have to put this back. Just...don't...move..."
And here's just a cute pic with no explanation needed:
Also, the above pic has the last picture of our sweet dog, Kelly. My mom brought her home as a puppy when I was in 7th grade. I remember wanting to name her freckles because she had the most adorable little brown spots on her nose. She fit in perfectly with my mom, sister and I! My mom loved her so much and she was such a fun, happy dog! In the past few years she finally started showing her age. She was 13 1/2 years old! That's almost 100 years old in dog years! She wasn't as peppy and energetic and she slowly lost her hearing. Two Thursdays ago Ian went out to feed the dogs and Kelly didn't come. He found her curled up in a sweet little ball in a shallow hole she dug a while ago between the AC units. We're thinking she just curled up and left the Earth. The thought that made me smile is that now my mom has a buddy in heaven. :)
Our other dog, Savannah seemed to be doing fine for a while, but this past week she's been whining at the door any time she is outside. She even scratched up the screen one night when I was upstairs and couldn't hear her. She also turned over the pot with one of my plumerias - 3 times! I've been trying to have her inside as much as possible and I've been giving her alot of attention, but we're not always home and I'm sure she gets awfully lonely. Hopefully she'll return to normal soon, but she's only 1 year younger than Kelly, so this could also be a sign of her old age, so we'll see.

Emma and I laid in bed for about ten minutes before she went to sleep tonight. I was just reminded of how much I love that girl. She is such a happy child. So creative and she has such a positive outlook. She is also very intuitive, thoughtful, and is always wanting everyone to be happy. She is also a great friend to everyone she meets. I was trying to get her remember my friend Tina the other day and when I said she had two daughters, Paige and Hailey, she said, "Paige? I know Paige! She's my best friend! I see her at the gym!" Emma's probably been to the gym 4 times and I know she hasn't played with Paige all four times, but just the fact that she considers Paige her best friend tells you what a friend Emma is to everyone. I do wish she would find one or two girls at school to be close friends with, but for now I'll just be happy that she loves everyone - instead of the alternative. Every day she comes home from school with new stories about new people. I just love that girl.

Lastly, I'll just leave you with some self explanatory videos(mainly for Shannie, Grandma, and Auntie Kiss's benefit)

Heaven & Chicken

Emma decided tonight to tell me what she hopes heaven is like:
"Mommy, I'll try not to forget what I hope heaven's like. [Me: What do you think it's like(while I whip out the laptop to catch this in writing)] It's only grass... and there's a lake in the back. And bushes behind the lake. I think I might want to go swimming when I'm in heaven. And flowers on the bush. I think everybody might be swimming already. I think Jesus is swimming! I really want to see what Jesus looks like. I really want to see Grammy and Kelly(our dog)."

I was cooking a whole chicken in our GF Rotisserie the other day. Emma walked up to it and asked what it was. Here's our convo:

Me: It's chicken
Emma: No, I mean, like what kind of cow, or pig, or know.
Me: Emma, it's a chicken. Like the bird.
Emma: COOL!! I can see the leg and the tail!
Me: Yep the whole thing is there, except the head.
Emma: Awesome! I can see where its head was. Oh! And there's a wing! Mommy, can I have a wing?
Me:(I can't believe she thinks this is cool! I was totally grossed out!) Whatever you want, babe.

She's a keeper.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Sorry for my lack of posting lately...We've been busy and the kids were all sickies over the weekend. This weekend will be a slow, lay-around-the-house weekend, so hopefully I'll get on for an update. I've got some good adoption news and some fun, cute pictures of the kids. I'll also be putting up some yummy new recipes(I've got yours, Heidi...don't worry!). So check back soon! :)