Friday, October 5, 2007


Yesterday I went down to Oceanside Harbor to try and find my dad's memorial bench(it's been a year). That morning I told Ian I wanted to go, but I didn't want to take the girls. The problem with that was that out of the people I usually ask to babysit - 2 had sports that afternoon, one was sick, and I'd already used the Crabtrees once that week. So I didn't think I would end up going. However, just as I was picking Emma up from school I got a text from Molly(Crabtree) asking what I was up to. She wanted to know if I wanted some time to myself. She must have been inspired. :) So I dropped the girls off and David and I headed down to Oceanside.

We parked at one end of the Harbor and walked all the way to the other end - and back - trying to find the bench. I finally called my aunt who said it was at the end I had parked by, but all the way at the end, by the hotel where my dad and stepmom were married in '96. So after over 2 miles of walking, we found it(it wasn't a total loss - I took a ton of pictures). It's in a very secluded spot, and the words on it were perfect. So David and I had a special day. :) Here are our pictures.


Shannon J said...'s been a year already! I'm glad you were able to go and see the bench. That Molly sounds like an angel! The area looks really pretty, I loved all the flowers. Glad you got to have a special day with your son in memory of your father.

Jessica said...

That is so neat that your dad has a bench in his honor and you were able to go and spend sometime there with David. That is a neat way to honor your dad.

Megan said...

I want a Molly too! :) Glad you had the day to remember your dad.

Shannon B said...

That is really sweet that he has a bench! I like the pics. That is cool that your friend was inspired to call!

Nate and Amy said...

I cannot imagine a better way to spend the afternoon. I'm glad you had that chance.

Amber and Co. said...

I love your pictures! I think the bench for your dad is really special and I'm glad you got some time by yourself to go and see it.