Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I know I've been a slacky blogger on here again lately, but trust me...I have a good excuse!! First of all, things have been hoppin' over on my other blog. Secondly, because of all the hoppin' on my other blog, I've been doing a lot of organizing, shopping, cleaning, and painting to get ready for our new baby!

So, I appologize for my past slackiness and for the future slackiness as things get busier around here while we prepare for Malachi Eyob. I will try to get some picture blogging done before we travel to Ethiopia, though so I'm all caught up when we get back!



Kristin said...

no need to apologize for being a blog slacker. haha. im so excited for you guys with your new addition. i just might have to plan a trip to come visit once he's here :) and maybe to take some family photos (since we never got to before you moved. haha)

Chelsey Howard said...

I forgive your lack of blogging:) I am so excited for him to get here!! If you need any help (babysitting, cleaning, dinner) just let me know. LOve ya, hope all is well:)