Saturday, June 23, 2007

Girls Camp

I went to Young Women Girls Camp yesterday. It was in Idylwild - a beautiful foresty area in the mountains. I drove up with another YW leader and our nursing babies(the reason both of us couldn't go all week).
We got there early afternoon and left at 8:30. I wanted to stay for the campfire testimony meeting, but Jen's baby (Alyssa) was super tired and hadn't been able to get a good nap the whole time we were there. Anyway, when we got there we learned that a lot of the girls were homesick and really ready to be done. I dont remember anyone ever wanting to go home when I was a YW at camp, it was so fun! But their camp leader is a bit strict and harsh at times - not very compassionate, so I could see how they could miss their mommas.
When we first arrived they were finishing their free time while the leaders all had a meeting. Then we did some singing in the ampitheater. They sang the weirdest most random songs I've ever heard. Something about a moose drinking too much juice and getting sticky, a shark eating people, a squirrel that dies, and then some that weren't even real words. We had dinner (blah), headed back to the ampitheater for more weird songs, and then they had a treasure hunt (the theme was "Treasure Your Virtue") which was very fun and well planned out...but the bishops didn't follow the rules and the girls got all confused.
After that, we headed back to the ampitheater for more wacky singing (those girls sang about 40% of the time I was there!!). Then the Stake Presidency did some presentations and bore their testimonies which were awesome. And then they said the most awesome thing which is my whole reason for this post: They announced that next year's girls camp is going to be a high adventure/river rafting camp!!! I didn't even know you could DO that for girls camp! I turned to one of Bishop's counselors and told him not to release me till after that! :) He laughed and reminded me that you don't have to be called to YW to volunteer to come to camp. So...I am SO there!


Shannon said...

Wow! That sounds awesome!Can I come too?

Megan said...

Sure!! Just move into our ward!!