Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Inflicting Pain for Beauty's Sake

So I've decided it's time I get myself in shape. The weight from this baby has taken longer to come off than the other kids. Ian and I have been eating really healthy lately - a lot of salads - so the weight is whittling away slowly, but I'm still nice and smooshy. I've decided I need to excersize and there are very few things on this earth that I hate more than excersize (one of them being popcorn Jelly Bellies). But I don't mind water aerobics! And it just so happens that there's a pool just a few houses down from us. So I've been going every few days. It's awfully boring by myself so I've decided I'm going to "teach" a water aerobics class. And by teach I mean...whoever wants to come make a fool of themselves with me is more than welcome to join! I'm going to put the word out to some friends from church who live in our neighborhood, and then post a sign on the pool gates and one on the bulletin board by the gate that leaves our neighborhood. We'll see if I get any takers!


Megan said...

I've heard that abt baby #3. With my first miscarriage, my hips immediately widened...I was shocked. I never needed maternity clothes for the first couple months and all of the sudden in the first 6-8 weeks I couldn't wear my pants! Unfortunately, I gained a little weight with both my it's like baby weight w/out the baby. Ugg.

Megan said...

I honestly still don't know how you survived two miscarriages, but then to have extra weight from both of them is just that much worse. I showed early with all of my babies, but David was so big that it made me look smaller than I once he was out of my belly I realized there was still a lot more of me than I wanted there to be! :)