Wednesday, April 16, 2008

For Danner

1. You've been blogging this long and you still click to comment on the wrong post?

2. I didn't write the article, I suppose I should have noted that. Here is the link.

3. Here is the men's.

4. All that said...I agree with you on most of your comments. Especially the flirt thing...hello?! Since when is flirting good for marriage? And I was rather confused on the "ammendment" thing. I think they were just trying to copy the constitution's ammendments, but it was a bit odd.

Thanks for your comment!! I love those kind of responses!

(for those of you that are clueless as to what I'm talking about, click here to read Danner's response to this.)


Dnnr said...

LOL - wow, I got called out on your front page! SCORE!

1. Yes. Wow. I usually double check for something like that. I wish I had the opportunity to correct posting mistakes. Oh well.

2. I could totally tell you didn't write the article. That's why I knew that whatever I responded with, it was highly unlikely you would be offended. Which, naturally, made me bolder and more liberal with my raving.

3. Wow. The men's is weak sauce. I mean, seriously. It sounds like a girl wrote that to make fun of a guy. We have needs too :) lol

By the way, tell Ian it was no biggie that we didn't hook up in P-Town, we'll try to do it some other time. I totally forgot to call him back. See ya!