Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Best moment from last night: Dave Cook. A. MAZE. ING.


I'm trying to hurry and get this in before it starts!!

I think it's either Carli or Brooke tonight, which makes me sad. Both of them were great in the beginning but in the last few weeks they've stayed stagnant while everyone else has stepped up their game.
David A. - Great job but how on earth can you think it was fabulous when BOTH Whitney and Maria sang that song?? Seriously - the song was a little too big for him.
Jason Castro - I didn't get it. Sorry. It was uncomfortable.
Syesha - GREAT! I Really liked this! Her highs and lows and her runs were calculated and very controlled. Wonderful.
Kristy Lee Cook - Why does she keep getting better? Although, once again - not better than Mariah, she did very well. Will someone PLEASE tell her to open her eyes when she sings? And while you're at it, have Jason stop closing half of his mouth for his high notes. Oh and thanks for telling David to stop licking his lips.

Sorry Carli or Brooke.



Heidi said...

I miss you to MICHAEL!!!!!!!!

Heidi said...

I forgot... David Cook WAS fantastic! I think he's my favorite now that Michael is gone. SWEET! I just wanna mess his hair up more! LOL!