Friday, April 25, 2008


Earlier I called a local scrapbook store about signing up for their sidewalk sale in 2 weeks. They're allowing local crafty vendors and the fee is only $20 so I figured it would be worth it. Unfortunately they didn't have an opening when they called, but she called back this afternoon and said they made room for me. :) But it's in only 2 weeks! And we're going to California next week for 5 days, so really it's more like it's in one week! I'm so nervous.

I've been making a lot more bows lately because Ian's been working on my website and learning HTML, so I do have quite the inventory. I should post pics. Maybe. :) So I'm not worried about not having enough, but I do need to make more of the big sellers (big pink bows especially).

I'm also just nervous because when I asked the woman what other vendors would be there she said lots of hairbows...yikes! I am by no means a GREAT bow maker(I'm not horrible though...) so the thought of being surrounded by other bow girls makes me worried I might dim in comparison. But it will be nice to size up my competition, get some ideas, and get my brand out there.

So...I'm a bit nervous but really excited for the opportunity(thanks for the info, Amber J.!). Ya'll should come! It sounded like there will be a lot of really great products and even some items for the dad's/son's that get dragged along!

Family Scrapbook Studio
20892 E. Ocotillo Rd. Suite C101
QC,AZ 85242
Saturday, May 17 8:30am-11:30am


Shannon J said...

Sounds like fun. I would go but it's kind of a long drive for me. Good luck!

Megan said...

I'm soooo there!

Unguren said...

Hopefully you can get everything done that you want to. Good Luck!

Chira said...

you're so cute!! i love your blog, by the tell the best stories! k, so besides all that...what happened at the school last tuesday??? we were at scouts and Cheryl [felt] said that the school was all evacuated and there we cops there and everything! scary!!!

Lindsey said...

i want to see your website! please email me address!
ltmaas AT gamil DOT com.


Jeff and Sheila Capell said...

Good luck at your booth, I'm excited for you to size up the competition. I read Ian's letter, very nice, and the reply...I was a little disappointed. I think they should do something nice for you guys like, "Come back and try us out again...ON US" maybe the branch manager will do something like that for you. Keep us posted, this is fun!

Dan~Kerstin~Bree said...

Don't worry about it! Just have fun! Good Luck!