Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Recipe Blog

I'm going to start a new blog. I've seen it done on other blogs, but I wanted to get some recipes from you girls(and the few guys...)! So here's the deal: I'll let whoever wants to add recipes - as long as you have made it and post a picture you've taken. I'll give you all a week or so to start...so start taking pictures. And along with the recipes - I'd love any stories about the recipes/who they came from/why your family likes it/when do you make it...etc. And it doesn't have to be anything fancy - just something that you love and want to share with the rest of us. I'm hoping this will inspire me to organize all of my recipes and hopefully make a book to keep them all in - complete with pictures. So get cookin'!


Heidi said...

Great idea! =) My brain is thinking now!

Dnnr said...

While I can appreciate the sentiments from which this post spurred (perhaps those of exasperation), I gotta interject a comment or two and set a couple of these amendments right.

Amendment 4: You can ask us "What's wrong?" whenever you want. WRONG. Guys don't want to talk about it. Guys want to do something else and let the feeling pass. Usually they like to do something else ALONE. We need a chance to retreat to our "cave". And if you don't believe me, read Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. The author explicitly states that something nice you can do for us when we're ticked is LEAVE US ALONE. Even though you're trying to help us when you ask, YOU'RE NOT. LET IT GO.

If you want us to cater to your needs during PMS by helping out more and being more sensitive (Amendment 2), then do us a favor and cater to our needs during our male-PMS by leaving us alone.

Amendment 8: I actually agree with the majority of this amendment. I think it's important a girl talk regularly with her friends. However, "about whatever you want"? I DON'T THINK SO.

As entitled as girls are to their secrets, so are guys (Amendment 4). If you want to talk about the pet peeves you have with us or something gross we do that maybe we don't realize or want anybody else to know about, then let's keep that to ourselves, hmm?

Also, if you have beef with us, we're the first people that should know. Give us a chance to fix it before you crucify us before your friends. Like Amendment 2, don't set a double standard for what you want and deny us of what we want.

Oh and if you get to rack up the phone bill as high as you want, then we're entitled to high-speed internet and satellite TV.

Amendment 9: You can flirt? Are you kidding me? I mean, seriously? No, you can't. I can't imagine anything that would make me more mad. Don't toy with somebody's emotions for a deal. I'd rather pay full price than watch you sell yourself for some money.

As for the rest of the post: duly noted.

The funniest part of this whole post is . . . I'M NOT MARRIED! Maybe this is why . . . :) Love ya Megan!

Post script: what were you amending? I didn't see any text before the first amendment . . . is their a wive's constitution?

Heidi said...

Meggers! I already made a dinner...tonight! I took pictures and all! =) Are you excited???? Let me know when you want them! tee hee hee...