Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Best Idol Moment from last night: David Archuleta "Angels"

Woohoo!! David's back!!! Oh my goodness I LOVED this performance. Why is it that when David A. is behind a piano magic happens? SO great. I appologive for not posting last week. I actually sat down to do it but I couldn't decide on a favorite! They were all so great. I'm glad Ramiele left though. This week was a bit of a let down. I thought that the "inspirational songs" would make for an amazing and emotional night. But some of the song choices were so lame(seriously Brooke - You've got a Friend??). So here's my recap:

David A. - Amazing - did you notice he doens't lick his lips as often now?
David C. - I thought he did well. I could tell the song meant a lot to him but I think he is capable of so much more.
Michael Johns - Lame song choice, good performance.
Syesha Mercado - I actually thought she did a good job. IMHO I was finally able to "see who Syesha is." Until last night I thought she was just your everyday-run of the mill singer. I think last night she had a moment.
Brooke White - SUCH a lame song choice. I actually really like the song but I thought that with all of the choices out there that she could have really shined - but didn't.
Jason Castro - Maybe because I love the Iz version so much, or maybe because I just hate watching Jason peform - Anyway, I wasn't nearly as impressed as the judges. I thought he did a good job, but only really near the end. It was lacking Iz's oooooooh's. And I just feel like every time Jason performs it's like pulling teeth for him.
Carli Smithson - I totally agreed with Simon. She seemed ANGRY!! And it really was such an uplifting song. She did look amazing, though.
Kristy Lee Cook - I think at this point it doesn't matter how well she does - the girl needs to go. She's had too many bad moments for me to enjoy her good moments. The end of the song was good but I wish she would open her eyes when she sings.

A note about Idol Gives Back - WATCH IT!! I thought last year would be lame but it really was amazing. There are a few cheesy parts and some parts where you can tell they're just trying to break your heart to make you give money. However, the performances are usually really enjoyable to watch. You can just do what I did last year and am planning on doing again - DVR it and fast forward through the boring parts.


Carrie said...

MEGAN!!! I'm so sick of David A!!! He's gotta go. He just doesn't seem like 'idol' material. His songs always sound like something I would have heard in the early 90s on easy listening channels. I admit he's got a great voice, but he CANNOT win. I thought there were parts last night where he was totally pitchy, but the judges obviously want him to win becauase they didn't ream him for it like everyone else. I thought Syesha did great too. Thats a great song.

My guess for you goes home: Carly (although I love her, because of her accent), or Brooke White.

Shannon J said...

Umm..I thought David A's performance was the best too. I was a little worried that all the songs would be the cheesy inspirational songs...but there were some really interesting song choices. Especially Brooke..I mean come on- You've Got a Friend? I felt really bad for David Cook, he just looked so sad when all the judges were knocking on him. I think he is my favorite though. It must be a trend for me. I liked Chris Daughtry, I married a guy that was in a rock band, and now David Cook is my favorite..hmmmm

Dan~Kerstin~Bree said...

David Archuleta's voice is so smooth. He has such a great sound. I love it!!!

I think Kristy Lee Cook know's it's just a matter of time before she goes but I thought she sang the second half well. Still needs to go though.

Anonymous said...

am i the only one who thinks carli's is being pushed down our throats? she can sing the phone book... your voice is perfections...blah blah... i am yet to hear a song form her that would not want me to cover my ears in horror... she looks like that chick from evensance and tries to sing ballads contantly yo-yoing the mike always at the wrong moment... from what little i understand you have to take the mic away when u are hitting the high notes so they dont sound screechy... but she does the absolute opposite.. brings it close when hitting the notes and takes it away when going to the low sound register...just plain awful she should be Auf'ed

personal favourites:
David A
Brooke W & David C
Michael J

in that order...
and i am sad to see ramiele go.. she was cute...

Heidi said...

I am so lame and missed it... I knew it was on but got too busy! Darn. I will watch tonight. I watched Idol Gives Back last year and I remember some of the performances made me cry... I MUST see my man Bono again!! When he's on think of me 'cuz I'll be smiling really this =]!