Sunday, March 30, 2008

Walk for Hope

My sister's email was so good this year that I don't think I could even add to it! Read on:

It's that time of year again… The City of Hope's Walk for Hope 2008 is on Saturday, May 3 in San Diego. Before you assume I'm blatantly asking for a donation and delete this email, wait! This year, we are trying something different. In 2006, our team, Sandy's Hope, was the biggest fundraiser in San Diego, and in 2007, our team captain, my sister Megan, raised the most money of any individual person in San Diego. This year, I'm going to try something different than simply asking for donations. My husband, Jed, has designed our team shirt, and will be hand silk-screening a shirt for anyone who donates $35 or more to the Walk for Hope, and for anyone who walks with us. (See the attached images below. The hearts were drawn by my fifth grade students, and Jed did the rest.) As Jed is a rising star in the shirt-designing world, this is a rare opportunity! (
Fighting breast cancer is something we are very committed to in our family. We lost our mom, Sandy, almost two years ago to breast cancer. She received treatment at the City of Hope in 1995. After that treatment, her cancer went into remission for six years. We will always be grateful to the City of Hope for giving us those extra years with our amazing mom. The City of Hope is an innovative research facility, and also provides treatment and education to those with cancer. It has become a personal mission to raise as much money for them as we possibly can. No amount of money can ever define the value of those extra years with my mom, but we'd like to provide that miracle to as many other families as possible.

Here's how this will work: You can register to walk 3k or 5k with us this year at the Walk for Hope in San Diego, or you can simply donate to the City of Hope. The walk is at 9 am on the University of San Diego campus. Afterward, we are holding a picnic at Kate Sessions Park in San Diego. Anyone is welcome to join us at these events. To register, follow this link and click on "Join My Team":

If you are unable to walk, you can simply click on the same link to donate to our team, Sandy's Hope. With your donation, you can post a message on our team wall. This has been a great way to memorialize our mom, Sandy Carr. (The donations can also be anonymous.) As I stated earlier, we are giving away free custom-designed, hand-printed shirts to anyone who donates $35 or more. After you donate on our team's page, send an email to stating the following:

Shirt size: Men's Medium, Large, or Extra Large or Women's Medium, Large, or Extra Large
Color: White shirt with black printing or white shirt with dark pink printing (See images
Jed will be printing the shirts the week before the walk, and a second time one month after the walk. If you order before April 25, we will get you your shirt on or before the walk on May 3. If you order by June 1, you will get your shirts about two weeks later.

Reasons to donate to the City of Hope:

You want to help fund research for breast cancer treatments, and hopefully a cure.
You loved my mom, Sandy.
You love me.
You are a good person.
You want a cool shirt.

One final plug for money: Many companies offer donation matching services. Check with your supervisor and see if your company offers anything like that.

Please forward this on to anyone and everyone. We'd love to raise even more money than our personal record of $13,000.

Donate or register to walk:
Order shirt at:


Shannon J said...

Do you have to walk to get a shirt? And will there be shipping for a shirt?

Shannon said...

The shirts are our gift to you if you make a donation to the City of Hope through our Walk for Hope page:

Heidi said...

I love the pic of your Mom! Love her smile! So, does that mean you'll be coming down for the walk??? =)

Megan said...

Yes...does that mean you'll be walking with me?? ;)

Heidi said...

I would Love to walk with You! Pray my foot gets better... it all depends on the feet! =)