Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Party in Tucson

Last night was one of those restaurant moments when you just want to crawl in a hole and not get out 'till everyone in the restaurant has gone home. We are in Tucson this week because Ian had some business down here, Emma's on Spring Break, and my aunt Pam and uncle George had some free time for us to visit with them down here.

We went out to dinner with Pam and George last night. They live in an active adult community that has a little restaurant inside, so we decided to go there for dinner. We didn't think about the fact that it was St. Patricks Day and the restaurant might be a bit crowded. Apparently the restaurant employees didn't think about that either. By the time we got there they were out of the corned beef and cabbage, the wait staff was way overworked and exhausted, and many people had been waiting an hour for their food. I thought everything would go just fine because Mckenna and David had napped and everyone seemed to be in good moods. In retrospect, all of my kids behaved very well. Because only seniors live in this community they don't see young kids very often, so my kids were the hit of the night. Well - them and the Italian singing Irish songs and playing the accordian. But I digress...

So Mckenna has been getting a cold for the past couple of days and her cough had been getting worse. Halfway through dinner Ian ran to the car to get her some cough medicine. Well the cough medicine didn't kick in for about an hour and her coughs just kept coming. She does this thing when her coughs get bad where she coughs and coughs and coughs and finally works up to this gagging/clearing her throat/nasty sound which she was doing a lot of. Because they were the only kids in the restaurant and we were pretty close to the dance floor and bar, people kept walking by to talk to the kids, pat them on the head, and tell us all about their own grandchildren...while Mckenna is coughing up a lung. Eventually she did cough up something: her entire dinner. And then some. It was disgusting. And it just happened to coincide with the moment the singing in the bar stopped and everyone started to come out. Can we say - mortified? Luckily we had plenty of warning and were able to catch it all in a dinner plate. OK I'm going to stop grossing you out.

One more story. Since our family of five are all staying in one hotel room it was a bit of an adventure last night trying to get everyone to go to sleep and stay asleep.

Mckenna was out before we got to the room and she pretty much stayed asleep.

Emma decided she wanted to sleep on the floor but would not stop singing the Fergie song, "Big Girls Don't Cry," of which she only knows the first line of the chorus, "I hope you know, I hope you know...that this has nothin' to do with you..." over and over and over...

David took maybe a half hour to fall asleep because he could see me. He then woke up a half hour later and we finally moved his crib over by the door. Ian also gave him some tylenol for his teething.

Emma woke up crying because I had taken a piece of candy from her in her dream.

I woke up to hear a big loud noise and Mckenna screaming...she had tried to go potty but couldn't get past David's crib. And somehow David slept through her crashing into it. I helped her go potty and gave her more medicine.

Mckenna woke up crying but went back to sleep.

And to top it all off...at some point during the night Ian was whimpering. Yes...whimpering. When I told him about it this morning he said he remembered having a bad dream and he wanted to remember it so he could tell me - but he forgot.

We then all woke up at 7:15. What a great vacation...can we go home now?


Megan said...

Fun! :) Reminds me of camping last summer...all sleeping in the same room! I was wishing we had the 2 room tent, 1 room for Katie and 1 room for the rest of us! :) I hope you guys get some rest tonight! :) And have fun on vacation!

Rebekah said...

Gotta love the hotel stays. Spencer threw up at Rubys in November and I haven't dared go back. It's such a shame too because I really liked the sliders I had.

Amber and Co. said...

Oh my goodness! What a crazy experience! I enjoy being on vacation, but I'm really happy to come home and let each kid have their own space and we can sleep in peace!

Shannon B said...

I love those FUN family vacations where no one sleeps!! Hopefully you can catch up on some ZZZZ's. Sounds like the restaurant was fun though (expect for the puking).

Unguren said...

Sleeping all together in a room? That sucks!