Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Favorites

Today's favorite is:

Favorite (current)TV Shows

This one is hard for me... It's hard to limit it to 3. Of course, you all know my first pick:

American Idol - I've religiously watched every episode of every season, but the first. I started watching the first season about halfway through because my mom and sister came when Emma was born and they were addicted, so I became addicted. It's been a great relationship every since.

LOST - I actually don't like that this is a favorite. It's only a favorite because of the addictiveness(addictivity?) of it, not because I actually enjoy it. At this point, I just want to know what's going to happen, it doesn't entertain me anymore...but I have to watch it. OK it does entertain me some. I just loathe the episodes that don't reveal anything but more questions.

Can I choose Dancing with the Extreme Home Heroes of House? OK if I have to limit it, I'll say House, but that is only slightly above the others.

What are your Favorite TV Shows?


Rebekah said...

Love your LOST assessment. That's why I quit watching it before the end of season 2. Favorite shows. . .Simpsons reruns (don't like the new stuff and haven't seen it for years, but the old stuff is classic!), Nova, Arthur (I find the show really cute and funny and enjoy watching it with my kids). If we had cable my favorites would definitely be something from HGTV and Food Network.

Carrie said...

My favorite show: How I Met Your Mother on CBS. Its HILARIOUS but no one is watching it... so it'll probably get cancelled. SO WATCH IT and save my show!

Megan said...

Carrie, did you see it when Britney Spears was on it? They had a record number of viewers that night. I recorded it and Ian and I watched it later. Very good show, I liked it!

Megan said...

1 - Dancing With the Stars
2 - Men In Trees (when I remember it's on!)
3 - Oprah's Big Give

Those are the only 3 I really watch regularly, although, I'm not even sure what night Men In Trees is on, but if I see it on, I'll watch it!

Shannon J said...

Umm The Office, Sex and the City and Grey's Anatomy (although I am getting kind of tired of it.

The reason I stopped watching Lost was because I got sick of watching shows that never resolved anything. But I used to watch it regiously too.