Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Best Moment from last night:
I regret to inform you that my favorite moment was Chikezie's song. I say regret because if you remember...I have not been a fan of his. I've thought his singing style was too old fashioned and he was dull. Well, after last night's performance I am now eating my words. He was in no way old fashioned or dull. In fact, I'd even say it was completely the opposite. His arrangement and performance was genious. See for yourself:

Here's my run-down of the top 12 and their performances

Favorites(in no order)
Carly Smithson - last night's performace was almost tied with Chikezie's. It was amazing.
Michael Johns - I agree somewhat with the judges. Not his best, a bit dull, but very simple and not overdone. Still enjoyed it.
Brooke White - SO beautiful. I loved it - apparently a lot more than the judges.
Chikezie(read above)

OK Idols
David Archuletta - poor guy. He showed his age last night. He got a bit nervous on that great big stage and forgot the lyrics. I think he didn't really have a good enough ideo of the Lennon/McCartney songs because he could have chosen a MUCH better song.
Ramiele Malubay - She didn't use near the power she could have. Very boring, very pretty.
David Cook - I thought he did well, but not as well as the judges did. I really like him, though.

Not so good Idols
Amanda Overmyer - Still think she's ok. She won't win. All of her songs sound the same, she "dances" the same, holds her hands the same...blah.
David Hernandez - Poor song choice - 'nuff said.
Syesha Mercado - Forgetable performance...I already forgot it. ;)

Going Home Idol
Kristy Lee White - Wow. Her performance was so bad that Paula didn't have anything positive to say. Now that's really bad. I think the girl can sing but she has absolutely no charisma and made an absolutely AWFUL song arrangement. Poor girl. See ya!!


Shannon B said...

I pretty much agree with you with all those! Was was really suprised with Chickeeze (how the heck do you spell it?) I felt REALLY sorry for David A, poor guy was just so nervous! I really like Michael Johns and Carly Smithson.

Shannon J said...

Well if Idol was a game show, you would have lost tonight..sorry! ;)

Carrie said...

I didn't see it last night... who went home?

Heidi said...

Chikezie! He rocked the house! I got the chills big time! Loved his enthusiasm! I really hope Michael Johns picks it up a few notches!! I would hate to see him go so soon.

Olsen Family said...

Seriously you really should be a judge I agread with everything you said. YOUR AWESOME.