Saturday, March 15, 2008

Friday Favorites

Yeah...totally forgot about this yesterday...

Today's favorite list is:

Favorite Vacations
San Felipe, B.C. Mexico - We used to go camp on the beach in Mexico 2 times a year: Mothers' Day, and Thanksgiving. It was always perfect weather and I have so many memories of fish tacos, quad expiditions, sunrise sand dollar hunts, banana boat rides, shopping in town, sunning on the beach, and listening to the men get philosophical late at night around the campfire.
4 Corner States - Summer of 1999 my family went on a road trip to the Grand Canyon, Zion, and a bunch of other places in Ut, Az, Co, and New Mexico(don't know the abbreviation for that one). We took two weeks and stayed wherever we could find a hotel, ate when we were hungry, and just had a great time as a family exploring.
Western Carribbean - Spring 2004 we went on a cruise with my mom, stepdad, sister, Ian, and Emma. I was 7 months pregnant so I didn't do a lot of walking or sightseeing, but it was so nice to be in a place full of such beauty. And it was fun!!!
What are some of your favorite vacations?


Shannon J said...

Ooo... I love this one.

Hands down, my favorite vacation was the one we took in December to Tulum, Mexico. We did so many fun things that I had never done before like stay at an all inclusive resort, snorkeling, etc.

Next would be my trip I took with my parents to go pick up Ian in Thailand. I was such at an impressionable age at the time (12) and I will always remember the people and places I saw.

Lastly, probably the trip to Disneyland in November 2006. It wasn't my first time there but my first time traveling with Dave. Plus my whole family was there and I loved it!

Heidi said...

My childhood favorite has got to be the many Summers camping at the beach; Carpenteria, Refugio, El Capitan... wonderful memories of sand, laying out, surf, music, tents, Fosters Freeze, family, and cute boys! Oh, and the LOUD sound of the train.

My favorite as a teenager was for sure the Colorado River...jet skiing! HOT but FUN!!!!

As an adult it's gotta be Oahu, Hawaii with Shawn and the kids. We will always be visiting Oahu! =)

Megan said...

Fun!! My top 3 favorite vacations:

1 - Last summer. We camped at Grand Canyon. We hadn't been on a family vacation in almost 2 years and we were long overdue. It was a WONDERFUL trip. We hardly spent anything, it wasn't fancy, but we had a wonderful, relaxing time, in the outdoors and with Mother Nature. The kids still talk about it.

2 - Growing up, my favorite vacation was Somes Family campouts. Again, nothing fancy or costly, but we spent lots of time with my Dad's family (lots of cousin!) and we had some really fun times. We had a couple favorite spots we would go - one in Oregon and one in Washington.

3 - Hmmm....there's too many choices for #3. I loved a long weekend trip James and I took to Yellowstone while we were at BYU, or the trip to Mexico with Porter as a baby. But I can't forget the trips I got to take with Grandma Somes either - my favorite of those trips was probably to the Bahamas/Disney World.

Carrie said...

Haven't been on many, but my FAV was going to Australia and New Zealand (thanks to my wonderful Father-in-law). I also love camping with friends and family... Banks family at Donnelly Lake in Idaho, and I remember a really fun trip in Am Fork Canyon with friends that was lots of great fun. One of my favorite trips was when I didn't even leave home. My parents came to visit and we explored Colorado- it was really SO fun. Loved it.