Thursday, March 13, 2008

Prayers & Idol

Mckenna's prayers are many things - sweet, hilarious, monstrous(I'm serious...sometimes she tries to say them in a monster voice, and sometimes they are about monsters), long, short, odd, thoughtful, and sometimes tear-jerking. Today she decided to go with hilarious.

"Please bless me to not be falling apart."

The background on that is that she has very sensitive skin and a lot of times her sensitivity is accentuated by how tired she is. She also gets hangnails often. So on the days she hasn't gotten enough sleep she "falls apart." She will flip out all day about her hangnails, the tag on her shirt, the seam on her jacket cuff, the buttons on her pants, the dry skin on her arms, she scab on her knee. It drives me nuts and many times throughout the day I'll say something like, "Oh man you're just falling apart, aren't you?" Apparently she doesn't want to fall apart anymore.

The other night she prayed that her Primary School teacher wouldn't have monsters in her house.

A lot of times she looks around the room for inspiration on what to pray about: "Please bless David to stop crawling on Mom, please bless Emma's nightlight to work, please bless me to have a green shirt like Emma."

To sum it up, we are very entertained by her prayers.

And now, some thoughts on Idol.
As it often happens, Idol voters thoroughly screwed up. I think sometimes when the judges have bad things to say about a person, that person's fans go crazy and vote too much. At least Kristy Lee Smith isn't VoteForTheWorst's pick this year. Glad she'll be going home sometime in the near future.
Carrie, to answer your question, David Hernandez went home. I'm a little upset about it, only because I thought he deserved more airtime. He had a very Rascal Flatt's-ish voice and I think the kid could have gone far(even though he is a male stripper). Rumor is the producers wanted him off before it got down to the top ten because the top ten are the ones who go on tour. And they didn't want a stripper. Whatever - the guy could wail.
On a good note - they are singing more Lennon/McCartney songs next week which I think its awesome for most of the contestants. They just need to remember to pick songs that will show off their voice, not songs that they remember listening to as a kid. Can't wait to see how next week turns out!


Heidi said...

I love that girl Mckenna! She is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh... she really is a character Megan!=)

Unguren said...

I love little kid prayers. They are so imaginative, and they just say what they think. I am sure that Heavenly Father likes them too.

Anonymous said...

That is cute about Mckenna.

Amber and Co. said...

I'm excited about the Lennon/McCartney songs next week too! I loved them!

I do disagree about David H., though. I am so happy he's gone! I literally could not watch him anymore b/c I kept thinking about him being a nasty stanky stripper for a gay nightclub. YUCK! Plus, he kind of reminds me of my ex-boyfriend from high school, but in a bad way (b/c of the gross stripper factor). But, Kristi Lee Cook has to go too! Poor girl is just not as good as the rest.

I love Mckenna's prayer and the falling apart thing. So funny!