Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday Favorites

Today's Favorite: Guilty(ish) Pleasures
I'm listing the few things in life that I should probably do without but just cannot give up!

Oreos - I can easily eat a whole row in one sitting, and I'm sure I've done it too many times.

Really long HOT showers -many times with the kids pounding on the shower door, or David emptying my bathroom cabinets.

Internet time wasters - spades, scrabble, blog-hopping, facebook, forums, finding new music on itunes, shopping, msn gossip, etc. I am really good at putting off what needs to be done for the lamest reasons.

So there are mine, but what are your Favorite Guilty(ish) Pleasures?


Megan said...

*Pedicures. I will never say no to a pedicure.

*Anything that has the combination of peanut butter and chocolate.

*The Gap. I love that store. I'll even shop at the outlet....but I would be sad if I had to say goodbye to the Gap.

Heidi said...

Birthday cake with buttercream frosting and vanilla bean ice-cream!

Hawaii without the kids!

INXS concerts

Shannon J said...

Reese's. Whenever I alone at the store, I usually pick one up for a little treat.

Bubble baths. I think it would be okay every once in a while...but I take them all the time. Sorry Earth for taking so much water!

Tanning. I know it's so bad for my skin and will age ,me, but I love it. I love tanning in the sun and in tanning beds. Sometimes during the winter it just feels to nice to step into warmth for about 15 minutes.

Shannon B said...

*I too like REALLY hot and LONG showers, probably not too environment friendly, but I HAVE to do it.

*Krispy Kreme donuts (or any donuts)

*The sun (and being at the beach in it, or just laying or sitting in the sun, period!)

*Cadburry creme eggs (I LOVE easter time so I can get my "egg fix")

Amber and Co. said...

Oreos and long showers are on my list too!

Also, Project Runway. Why I like it, I don't know!

Carrie said...

My guilty pleasures are ones that consume too much of my time, when I SHOULD be doing something more productive: reading, and blogging, and blog readinng.

And obviously food, but I'm not picky... anything delish and I gobble it down!

Chira said...

OREO'S!!! my sister always asked me if I was pregnant before I even was because I was so addicted to oreo's--don't worry, I still am, and SO not pregnant! :D ps--I LOVE your new haircut! I saw you today and last night, (Saturday)--it's so cute!!

Kerstin said...

Pedicures, chocolate, bubble baths. I will stay up all night to read a good book (and then be super tired the next day).

Unguren said...

I can only think of two.

Naps- for me and the kids

Looking at the internet.

Rebekah said...

Eating left-overs for breakfast, especially if they are dessert left-overs. :O

Playing video games with the kids instead of doing reading lessons or flash cards.

Checking our Clearance racks when I know I don't need anything but will need whatever I see there.