Sunday, March 16, 2008


Mckenna just came up the stairs and said(in a very excited voice), "Mommy!! Winnie the Poop(yes, poop) rhymes to POOP!!!"

The other day Mckenna saw the Ensign with a picture of President Hinkley on the front. She picked it up and said, "Pwegwant Hinkwey!!! Mom, he's in heaven. We're going to go see him there soon."

Today in Junior Primary sharing time(sunday school for the 3-6 year olds) the Primary president was teaching a lesson and she said, "What are some things that Jesus doesn't want us to do?"

Kid #1: "Say bad things."

Kid #2: "Call people stupid."

Kid #3: "Flip people off."

Primary teacher: "Oh wow, yeah I don't think he would like that...What are some things Jesus wants us to do?"


Heidi said...

That is hilarious Megan! Thanks for the laugh!!!! I just LOVE your blog! Wear GREEN today!!!!!
P.S. Today's Amy's birthday!

Shannon J said...

I love kid talk. I wish I would write it down whenever I hear something funny so I can remember it. McKenna is such a hoot.

Unguren said...

I love that "flip people off." That is so funny because you know what goes on at their house. So much so that he knows what it is to flip someone off.