Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Lord works in mysterious ways...

I have been so tired lately. With all of our traveling and Emma's early school I have felt like a zombie. Also, the kids have all been getting sick and I've had some awful headaches.

So Monday night I promised Heavenly Father that I was going to read my scriptures in the morning before I did ANYthing else. It's been a while since I've read and I know that I tend to have a better day if I read them first. I asked for more energy and motivation to do stuff at home.

That night, Mckenna got out of bed probably 5 times, and screamed from her room at least 3. Ian got up once but he was so tired he had no idea how many times she'd gotten up. She was getting a cold and I think was just having a hard time sleeping because of that. She kept wanted kisses and to blow her nose. Also David woke up at 3 and cried for a while before falling asleep on his own.

Anyway, when my alarm went off at 6:30 it was so hard to wake up, but I knew I had to keep my promise to read. So after reading I began my day dreading it because I knew I'd be DOG tired. I took some tylenol right away because I could already feel a headache coming. I went throughout my day, actually got a lot accomplised, even made a real dinner for my family, and didnt realize until I laid down in bed at 11 o'clock that night that there wasn't a single moment where I felt like lying down and sleeping.

After such an awful night I honestly didn't think I'd get anything accomplished yesterday and I really did a ton. I still have plenty of laundry and I need to clean my floors, but I read again today and am feeling good! Amazing how the Lord will bless you with anything you need as long as you are obedient...and ask!


Megan said...

Thanks for sharing. I notice how much more patient I am when the scriptures are a daily part of my life. I can tolerate much more and am just a better mommy.

gma said...

It's definately a win/win when you include the scriptures in your day. And also asking Father for specific help is a good thing.

Nate and Amy said...

I here you! School really throws a wrench into the works. It took me awhile to get used to it. Summer is still my favorite time of year.

Ironically, I have been feeling much the same about scripture study. It has been hard for me to adopt the method of scripture study our Stake Pres. wants us to follow. This my second day of really making a sincere effort to feast upon the word and use Preach My Gospel as the guide. I have already had clear direct answers to my own questions and am excited to continue. You are the best! We need to play next week.