Tuesday, August 21, 2007


The other day I walked by Mckenna with some food and she said, " Pee-yoo!!" I said, "Pee-yoo?" And she replied with, "No, Pee-ME!!" After cracking up I said, "Pee-you?" and then she got this disgusted look on her face and said, "No. Pee-DADDY!" Ah I love my sweet thing.



Hey guys!
Got your link today in work and couldn't wait to get home and show Kerry. (she's sitting beside me now) I also made all my co workers and customers look at the children's pictures. I can't believe how big David is. (he doesn't look like your dad at all!)
The girls are beautiful. I'm glad that you had pictures of Shannon's wedding. Kerry and I are both very sad that couldn't be there (or any other Rudderow's! - what's up with that?) I am so glad that you sent this to me. It has been very strange with your uncle Randy. His family has always been mine too but who gets to keep the family when there is divorce! Kerry says that she really wants to stay connected with you. Her e-mail is heavensd3vil610@yahoo.com. I love everything that you have posted....I like your new best friend.....mine is a carpet shampooer! Send my love to everyone (Shannon and Jeb too!) We are going to start saving our pennies for airfare and at some point in time we will come and invade you and CA.
Much love, you are always in my thoughts and prayers..big, big, hugs and kisses for the kids for me.
Love you! Gail

Megan said...

LOL Gail...I'm sending you an email. Too much to type back!!