Tuesday, August 21, 2007


My big girl is a kindergartener!! Her first day of school was last week on Monday, August 13. Her school is close enough for us to walk, and we all enjoy the walk. The only part I don't like is the very end, because by the time we get home it's already hot! Anyway, she absolutely loves it, it's like we have a new child in our house. She's happy, helpful, she shares, and is just a joy!! Who knew kindergarten could have this effect? Here are some pictures:
Sleeping David, Kenna, and Emma waiting for the gate to open:

Friends: Hailey, Emma, and Emma:
The "Emmas"
Walking into her classroom(yes I cried! right before this picture was taken I called her name to wave at her and she ran at me with arms open wide! So sweet!):
Mckenna and I had a great day!! Actually we went over to the Bullocks and had amazing chocolate chip cookies! But before we went, she had a little bit of a chocolate bar. I think she got more in her hands than in her mouth!
And here's Emma's first artwork...made me cry! A little video


Megan said...

Cute!!!! Porter has all day kindergarten here --- I don't think I'm going to like that! But he sure enjoys preschool, so I'm sure he'll do great.

Emma looks so grown up! And I'm SURE she loves the social life, knowing Emma! :) I think that firstborns especially crave structure...at least that's my observation. So she probably likes the daily routine of school, and responds well to it and shows at home too!

Shannon J said...

Oh man I can't believe how old she is!! Such a big, pretty girl!!

Megan said...

Yes Emma does very well with structure. My older sister has always been that way too. Actually this morning Emma had a hard time waking up and when she finally became conscious she said, "Mom I'm too tired, I need more sleep." I said that we'd have to start going to bed earlier tonight. She said, "Yeah, can I go to bed at 6 tonight?" (Her bedtime is 8). Structure, structure!!

Megan said...

Porter always has to know what we are doing next. Where are we going after this? Then what? He likes a structured routine. If they don't get bath or shower before bed for some reason, or no story time, it throws him off. And I know he loves school because he can play with his friends, etc. so there's a social aspect there too.

Amber and Co. said...

Emma is so big! She looks so happy to go to school. Tyler still has 2 yrs before kindergarten b/c his birthday's at the end of Sept, so he'll miss the cut-off. Good and bad, I suppose.

How do you like having just Kenna and David at home during the day? Is it easier to get things done? I hope Kenna is doing good with it. :)