Monday, July 23, 2007

Adventures in babysitting

Ian and I came home from Shan & Jed's bachelor/bachelorette party to this cuteness: Molly(the babysitter) is on the left with Mckenna on top of her, her brother Hunter is on the right side of the couch(his parents went out and he didn't want to stay home alone), and Emma is asleep on the floor. Apparently Mckenna started screaming after being in bed 45 minutes because she missed me. :) So she came down to snuggle with Molly. Then Emma came down because of course it's just not fair that Kenna gets to be out of bed. :) Anyway, it ended with us coming home to a big sleepy house.

How sweet is this?


Megan said...

One of the best things abt working in YW is great babysitters! I remember my girls always begged to come watch my kids. It was cute. I was totally happy to take them up on the offer!

Shannon said...

Oh that is too cute!!