Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Megan B. Would Be So Proud

I just thought I'd share some good bargains with you all - and especially with Megan B. because I know she'll be proud. :) Monday Ian and I went to lunch with the kids at a restaurant next to his office. As Ian was leaving to go back to work he took David out of his carseat, and we discovered he'd TOTALLY blown out of his diaper. I hadn't brought a change of clothes so I sat there looking helpless as Ian left to go back to work. He came back not more than five minutes later with the cutest little outfit. There's a really expensive (but super cute!) little boutique a couple of stores down. I've been there before but never bought anything because it's way too pricey. When he was walking back to his office he noticed they had a clearance rack outside. He bought an adorable sweater vest with a button down shirt and plaid golf shorts for $7!! It was so cute! So I went back after lunch and spent $60, but saved $180!!! Most of the items were about $30-40 and I got them for $7-10. It was a good day.

Also, I got an email from Gap yesterday saying that if I spend $100 I can use their coupon code to get $20 off my order (plus if you spend $100 you get free shipping). So I went into their clearance stuff and luckily Ian is an uncommon size (XL Tall) and they had plenty of polos for him. I also got David, Mckenna and I some stuff. I saved $310. :) Another good day. That made up for the quilt I want being on backorder till the end of September. I don't think you can reuse the code, but it's worth a try if anyone wants to: PQGRBKWT2BHT And the shipping code is FREE100 I think. I don't remember for sure, but if you have $100 in your cart they'll say something about being eligible for free shipping and you have to click the link to get the code. Let me know if anyone tries it!


Megan said...

Wohoo! I love good deals. :) Why spend the money if you don't have to! I went on the other day, but there was nothing in Porter's size. He needs new clothes for school, but shorts and t-shirts since it's still so warm. He had a growth spurt this summer! I do much better at the Gap outlet - unfortunately, you can't shop online there! But Katie is growing (taller) out of her clothes too. I talked my sister-in-law into going shopping with me on Friday (it wasn't that hard!), so I don't have to chase kids and Porter can be there to try stuff on!

Congrats on the deals. Gap is my favorite store. It's a one-stop-shop for the whole family! My kids are definitely Gap kids! :)

Amber and Co. said...

I should try Gap's XL tall for Burke. I've never tried it before and all the shirts I get him are too short for him, but the XXL is too wide. Thanks for the tip, I need to go shopping now! :)

I love that Ian picked out a totally cute outfit for David for a smokin' deal! So funny!

Megan said...

LOL sound like a commercial! I love the Old Navy outlet too...but I need someone to go with me! Next time you're down we can leave the kids with Ian and go. :)

Megan said...

Oh and Amber - That's Ian's problem too - tall and thin. Most XL's fit him but as soon as I wash them they're too small, but the XXL's are way too wide.

And Ian loves shopping. It's the artist in him - he likes creating(outfits, matching things etc).

Nate and Amy said...

The outfit Ian bought David is so cute! I know this will sound redundant, but I didn't know you could get XL tall at the Gap. Nate has the same problem! He has a very long torso and all the shirts I bought him recently shrunk to be too short. I can't wait to try out the Gap.