Sunday, July 29, 2007

Random tidbits

Today was my first day in my new calling: Primary Chorister. It went okay. Junior Primary was great, a little loud, but everything went smoothly. I even got them to sing "We'll Bring the World It's Truth"(the primary version of the Army of Helaman hymn) really well by talking a bit about the Stripling Warriors and how righteous and strong they were. So I had them all sit up straight and tall and sing loud by pretending to be the Stripling Warriors; they were great. Junior Primary was a whole other story... I didn't know the songs well enough - and neither did the kids. Also, I didn't realize that I'm pretty much running the show in Primary. There's a 5 minute talk and a short(maybe 10 min?) sharing time...other than that it's all me. And if we have any extra's all me. Anyway, things were a little insane, but so am I so I think it'll work out in the end. :)
And for your viewing pleasure, here are some random pictures from this past week.

My best friend of 11 years, Kelli, is moving to Arizona so we went out to lunch with her and her 1 month old baby, Mia. Here's a pic of Mia and David (he's 5 months now).

He reached out and grabbed her hand...I think she was afraid of cooties.

Emma has been picking out her own outfits lately. Usually she does a pretty good job, and she always tries to make them match. Here's my favorite one so far: Easter pants(from Taya) and a winter shawl (no shirt underneath). It took a long time to explain to her why this outfit wouldn't work to go out in public...besides the fact that the pants are very nice and only to be worn with the Easter dress - ON Easter.
The girls got a hold of my camera the other day. Ok so they asked and I let them... But after taking 90 pictures, these three are my favorite:

Hope you all had a good week.


Nate and Amy said...

I love the cool outfit Emma chose. I should let her pick one out for me! Primary was great today! My boys were very impressed and were glad to have you in primary.

Delighted Mom said...

It seems like I had weeks like that a lot - where either Jr or Sr would go great but the other was not so good. I just learned to celebrate the good and take the bad as a cue for what not to do next time.

Megan said...

Our chorister runs the show in our primary too. Seems like most of the time is taken up by singing time. Sharing time length always varies, depending on who's doing it. Ahhh - I remember that so well. And it's almost like you need to do 2 different activities, since Sr learns so much faster than Jr primary does. I'm sure there are great ideas online too - filler type stuff to have on hand when you run out of things to do. Have you checked out That's a darling site.

Carrie said...

All I wanted to say is that Emma's outfit cracked me up. Lainey is starting to exert her opinion with regard to her clothing and I am struggling, but Emma looks like a babe, so maybe I should give it a rest...

Megan said...

Carrie - just let her pick her own outfits when you aren't going anywhere important(the park, a friends, around the house). Yesterday Emma picked a very nice button down shirt with pink flowers and very casual pink sweatpants that were way too short for her long legs. I let her wear them as long as we were home but when it was time to go, I picked out the outfit and she didn't complain.