Thursday, July 5, 2007


Happy 4th!!!! We had a great day: parade, swimming, cupcakes, picnic, egg toss, big bouncy slides, dancing, face painting, babies, friends, pixie sticks with blue tongues, and fireworks! Enjoy the pics!

Mckenna's puppy face paint

Emma's unicorn face paint

Ian and Mckenna dancing

3 nursing mommies

Marco and Maggie's baby is 6 months, two months older than David.

David was a happy boy!!

Emma's blue pixie stick tongue

The egg toss...Emma's lunging to catch her egg.

They won the egg toss!

After they won the egg toss, Emma organized her own form of the olympics so that she could keep "winning" her blue ribbon. And every time she won, I was supposed to say, "You won!!" and hand her the ribbon. Emma, Ian, and Mckenna did races, hurtles, and backwards races, much to the enjoyment of the family behind us.

And the Grand Finale...

And for your viewing pleasure...


Shannon said...

Cute pictures! Looks like you had lots of fun. And Aunt Shannon thinks she needs to see the Somes family soon!

Megan said...

Oh please do come see us!!!

gma said...

What fun...sounds like it was a great day.

Miranda said...

The girls are so big and David is such a handsome little guy. We miss you guys and would love to see you if you come up in October. The girls would have tons of fun playing together. I remember hanging out with you guys on the fourth when you were pregnant with Emma. Can you believe how much has changed since then? We miss you guys and would love to catch up!

Nate and Amy said...

I wish I had those mooves!