Monday, July 23, 2007

New callings

So I waited to post them until I was officially called (although I'm still not quite sure why you're supposed to wait...especially if the person being released knows...). Ian's new calling is President of the Young Men's organization (woohoo for him!!). And my new calling is Primary Chorister (da da da dunnnnn). I was so sad because I had to be released from the calling that I loved the most!! I love all those young women so much!! Someone told me yesterday that I was released from YW because I liked it too much and if I start to really like Primary then I'll be released soon, but if I keep whining - they'll keep me in it forever. :) I actually was kind of bitter for a while, but I just kept reminding myself that when Ian was called to YM, I felt a confirmation that this is where he needs to be, and in order for him to be in that position, they had to release me from working with the youth as well. And Bishop emphasized that they were sure this was the right calling for me. I feel like a flopping fish out of water, but I know that I can do it(or so I keep telling myself!). I'll save you all from my reasons for being terrified of this calling because it'll just be more whining. Luckily the past chorister has been amazing, and though I have large shoes to fill she's definately been a great help and confidence booster. Thanks Susan!! So yay for Ian and a delayed yay for me! (I'll let you know when the yay comes around...)


Megan said...

James had Ian's calling right after serving his mission. He loved it. When I told him about Ian, he said "sweet".

I had your calling once as well for about a year. I was super nervous too. Since I don't feel like I sing - I do play the piano, but teaching children to sing overwhelmed me! The counselor that called me gave me a pep-talk about stretching ourselves, etc. Anyway, when we moved into our new home in Maple Valley, I didn't want to tell anyone it was our last day b/c I didn't want to cry the whole time I was leading the kids that Sunday!

I ended up just loving that calling, like most callings I've had. Now that I'm back in primary, I watch the chorister....she's about my age, and I fondly remember the time I had that calling too.

You will be great. The kids will love you. They don't care if you can't sing (trust me!). If you're lucky, you'll get to go to the nursery and sing too. That was sooo fun!

Carrie said...

Megan, my heart is with you and I know you'll be great. I think some of the hardest callings in church are the ones you have to prepare for EVERY week and primary chorister takes the cake with that one. That's probably the most weekly work of any calling. Ian will be great in YMs though. I'm in YW, so I get why you are sad to leave, but primary is a riot and you are so talented!

Shannon said...

I'm sure you will end up loving it! Those kids will love having you and your energetic personality. I'm sure Emma won't mind either ;)