Sunday, July 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Emma!!

My big girl is 5 years old!!!
Here she is eating her breakfast cereal...continuing the Somes' tradition she got to go to the store with Dad and pick out whatever sugar cereal she wanted (she chose berry flavor Lucky Charms).
Out to lunch at Applebees where they sang to her and she got a hot fudge sundae.
And just for kicks here's the other kids at lunch:


Emma's Barbie Birthday Cake
As per Emma's instructions the inside of the cake was a very unappetizing blue color with blueberry filling and purple frosting.
The Stash
Shan and Jodi
Studly BBQ man, squinting in the smoke

Shannie and Kenna

Emma (and friends) blowing out candles

In the invitations to her party we enclosed pink and purple confetti. Emma's friend Hailey thought it would be fun to put the confetti back in the card on her present. Emma cracked up like it was the funniest thing she'd ever seen!
Emma and Hailey
Mckenna attacking Jed


Nate and Amy said...

That cake is awesome! Did you make that yourself? You are amazing. It looks like Emma had a perfect birthday. I love the berry cereal. That is a great tradition.

Megan said...

I love the cake too!! Looks like a great birthday!

Shannon said...

Ahh...Emma is getting so big! Gosh. And about that Somes tradition...I think it was only a tradition for the older children. I don't remember that at all. Maybe they did that for me when I was small...but as far as I can remember I always had sugar cereal. Just some of the perks of being the youngest I guess.

Shannon said...

Sweet cake! It looks way better than the one I made Syd for her 4th b-day! What a fun b-day!

Megan said...

Yes I made the cake. It was fun. But I definately need a new white cake recipe - mine isn't very good. Although the blueberry filling was delicious and the purple frosting was great. I also made cupcakes but they got a bit smushed on the drive to the party so I wasn't about to take a pic. :)