Monday, September 3, 2007

My hero

We have had a mojor ant infestation this summer. They got so bad that when when we went to WA last week we had everything completely spotless and clean when we left and then 3 days later when we came home, there were still tons of ants just roaming around our kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and pantry. They weren't finding anything, they were just looking. So when we got back I went to Lowes and bought these:

And oh my goodness you would not believe how many ants attacked those things. I put one by the sink, one in the pantry, and one on the bathroom floor. There were so many ants inside that it looked black. And there was a huge trail coming and going for about 36 hours. But at the end of the 36 hours...not a single one!! I haven't seen any ants in our house for about 3 days. Thats ridiculously amazing. I also bought some outdoor ones but they haven't seemed to find them yet, because I still have ants all over my dahlias. And snails... And black widows on our porch... Those should all be tackled by next weekend, but I was just so happy to have won the ant war!


Shannon B said...

We had ants a few months back and we used those too! I also used the spray and they both seemed to help! When you have ants don't you just feel like you are dirty or are not cleaning well (even though the house is spotless). I'm glad the problem is over.